The Most Romantic Holiday Destinations in Albania

National Museum of  Education in Korça, one of the most important sites to visit in town
National Museum of Education in Korça, one of the most important sites to visit in town | © Francesca Masotti
Albania is a relatively unexplored country, with plenty of romantic unspoiled spots to spend treasured moments. It is not the first place that comes to mind when you think of romantic holiday destinations, but for couples looking for quiet, lovely and relaxing places, the Land of the Eagles is the place to be. Read our list of the most romantic holiday destinations in the country.


The Albanian Alps offer couples some of the most romantic scenery in Albania and the Balkan Peninsula. Theth, particularly, is a beautiful mountain village with a lovely church and traditional houses, surrounded by gorgeous high peaks and pristine forests. For nature-loving couples there is no better place to visit in the Land of the Eagles, than this enchanting hamlet hidden in the north of Albania.

Theth, one of the nicest villages of Albania located in the Albanian Alps area © peter_h / Pixabay


Korça is called the little Paris of Albania, so it’s not difficult to understand why this is a great place for a romantic weekend. This elegant town is one of the most romantic destinations in the country, thanks to its charming atmosphere, cafés and French-style villas. The best thing to do in Korça is to explore the old neighborhood’s plenty of ancient houses, secret gardens and lovely hidden corners.

National Museum of Education in Korça, one of the most important sites to visit in town © Francesca Masotti


Albania has many beautiful lakes, but the most romantic is Ohrid Lake, nestled between the Land of the Eagles and Macedonia. There are several villages located in front of the lake, but the main one is Pogradec, an enchanting lake town perfect for couples who want to spend a romantic and relaxed holiday surrounded by beautiful nature.

The clear waters of Ohrid Lake, perfect for a dip on warm summer days © emirjetaprela / Pixabay


Near the capital city Tirana, you’ll find the medieval town of Kruja, one of the most important cultural and historical destinations in Albania, known to be the birthplace of the national Albanian hero Skanderbeg. Kruja is also a very romantic place with a lovely bazar and the old castle that offers terrific views over the surroundings.

Kruja is one of the oldest towns of Albania © rab_the_ex_chef / Flickr


Maybe the most romantic town in Albania, Berat is a beautiful city located in the middle of the country, not far from Tirana, known for its stunning Ottoman-era houses and old mosques. The best thing to do in Berat is to stroll through its enchanting old town, admiring the great architecture, head to the castle for spectacular views.

Berat is a Unesco town located in the centre of Albania and famous for its Ottoman-era buildings © Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

The Ionian Coast

The Albanian Riviera is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the Balkan Peninsula with stunning beaches, enchanting old villages and breathtaking panoramas. It is also a romantic destination due to its has many hidden spots, secret panoramic viewpoints and dreamy hotels, perfect to spend unforgettable holidays.

The Albanian Riviera is plenty of spectacular beaches © Peter Chovanec / Flickr


The Unesco town of Gjirokastër is a not-to-miss destination for couples looking for romantic spots. The town is home to one of the most beautiful castles of the country and the Balkans; it offers terrific views over the old town and surroundings beyond. Top tip: visit the castle at sunset to admire romantic panoramas of the town.

The castle of Gjirokastër is the largest of Albania © LindaSaitos / Pixabay