The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Albania

Valbona | ©fabolousfabs/Flickr
Photo of Francesca Masotti
27 March 2018

If you think that Albania has only gorgeous beaches to offer visitors, think again. One of the most beautiful things to do in the Land of the Eagles is to spend time relaxing, surrounded only by nature, in the country’s amazing mountains. The Albanian Alps are among the most spectacular sites to see in the Balkan trail, so if you hate crowds, warm temperature and tourists, avoid the Riviera and come to visit one of the wildest areas of Europe. Read our list of the most beautiful mountain villages to escape to in Albania.

Theth, Albania

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Theth is a mountain villaged located in the Albanian Alps region | Theth is a mountain villaged located in the Albanian Alps region
Albania is brimming with archaeological appeal, agricultural heritage and cascading rivers. The Albanian Alps or Accursed Mountains feature an array of sun-kissed peaks that watch over the wooded patches as they come into their own. A pocket of uninterrupted peace, the micro mountain village of Theth holds the Tower of Nikoll Koçeku and sublime mountain views. Theth is undoubtedly the most charming mountain hamlet to be seen in Albania and maybe one of the best of the Balkans. Once here you’ll easily understand why Theth has been named the gem of the Albanian Alps: located in a dramatic scenery, a green valley surrounded by high peaks and stunning landscapes, this hamlet is just amazing. The highlight here is a lovely Catholic church situated in the heart of the village. If you want to live a unique and romantic experience, come to Theth and you will not be disappointed.


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A road in Vermosh | A road in Vermosh

Hidden in the north of Albania, near the Montenegrin border, Vermosh is the northernmost village in the country. This mountain hamlet lies in one of the most spectacular valleys of the Accursed Mountain, a mountain range in Northern Albania that extends to Montenegro and Kosovo, famous for its glaciers and stunning landscapes. A plus here is the presence of a lovely Catholic church featuring a red-brick roof.


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The road to Fierza | The road to Fierza

Fierza itself doesn’t have so much to offer its visitors, but the road to get there could be one of the most beautiful things you will do in your entire life. You’ve probably heard of Shkodra before, the most important town in the north of Albania. Shkodra is the starting point to reach Koman, the hamlet from where the ferries leave for Fierza. The route from Koman to Fierza offers terrific views and landscapes, maybe some of the most beautiful in Europe.


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The road to Kukes | The road to Kukes

Kukës is a mountain village strategically located on the road that leads to Kosovo. Most of the visitors use it as base to explore the youngest country in Europe, but if you are looking for peace and quiet, you should consider spending few hours here surrounded by nature and admiring the gorgeous mountain views.


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Valbona | Valbona
Valbona isn’t actually a hamlet, more a mountain hub formed by guesthouses, restaurants and camping grounds. Usually most travelers spend one night here before going to Theth, but Valbona is worth a visit because is a gorgeous place surrounded by mountain peaks and sits within one of the most important national parks of Albania.