The Best Hotels in Tirana, Albania

The entrance of Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
The entrance of Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant | © Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
Photo of Francesca Masotti
16 June 2018

Tirana is home to many beautiful hotels, most of them located in the city centre. For those who are planning to visit the capital of Albania, we have selected some of the best hotels in town, from classy and elegant to cozy and well designed. Read our list of the six best places to stay in Tirana.

The Plaza Tirana

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Presidential Suite
The presidential suite of Plaza Tirana | © The Plaza Tirana

The Plaza Tirana is not just the most famous hotel in Albania, it is a landmark of the Albanian capital, too. The Plaza is one of the most important and beautiful buildings in Tirana and is located just few steps from the central Skanderbeg Square, the heart of the city. It is the perfect place for those who are looking for tranquility and comfort, because all the main spots in town are easily reachable on foot. Also, the Plaza hosts three of the tastiest restaurants in Tirana – Savor, Convivium and PaneVino – the latter being one of the best Italian restaurants in town. The Plaza also offers spectacular views over the recently renovated Skanderbeg Square.

Areela Boutique Hotel, Tirana

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Courtesy of Areela Boutique Hotel / Expedia

Areela Boutique Hotel is a cozy, hidden hotel located just ten minutes from Skanderbeg Square. It is situated in an apparently anonymous building, but once inside you will find a welcoming place full of well-designed furnishings, lovely traditional Albanian qilim (gorgeous handmade rugs) and carefully curated furniture. A plus here is the excellent and tasty breakfast with organic honey, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread and fresh orange juices.


Lot Boutique Hotel, Tirana

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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Courtesy of Lot Boutique Hotel / Expedia

Right in the heart of Pazari i Ri, one of the coolest districts of Tirana – home to the new market where it is possible to buy handmade items as well as traditional delicacies – lies the Lot Boutique Hotel. As one of the classiest hotels in Tirana, Lot is extremely well decorated and is situated inside an elegant palace near the main sights in the capital, such as Ura e Tabakeve, an Ottoman-era bridge perfectly preserved, Et’Hem Bey Mosque, and Bunk’Art2.


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  • Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, Tirana

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    padam new
    The entrance of Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant | © Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

    Padam Hotel is one of the chicest hotels in Tirana and home to one of the best restaurants in the Balkans, too – Padam Restaurant. It is situated inside a 1930s-era villa right behind the Pyramid of Tirana, the imposing monument built as mausoleum for the former dictator Enver Hoxha, and one of the most elegant streets of the capital, where the Italian Embassy is located. The best thing to do here is to reserve a room and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the hotel on the beautiful outdoor terrace.

    Tirana International Hotel & Conference Centre

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    The Tirana International Hotel | © Francesca Masotti

    The other main building in Tirana, besides the Plaza building, is the one in which the Tirana International Hotel is housed. This majestic hotel is right in Skanderbeg Square and offers spectacular views over the square and the city. During the Communist regime, the International was used as meeting place for the spies of the system. Today, the hotel is one of the preferred places for tourists to stay in Tirana and is often used by locals to celebrate weddings, organize conferences, or to simply enjoy a coffee.

    Hotel Vila Verde, Tirana

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    vila verde
    Vila Verde's double room | © Francesca Masotti

    Vila Verde is a lovely hotel just 600 meters from Skanderbeg Square. It is the perfect place for travelers who are looking for relaxation and tranquility, thanks to its quiet location. The beautiful rooms are comfortable, and the breakfast, served every morning and made with the freshest seasonal products, is excellent. Vila Verde is five kilometers from the departure point to visit Mount Dajti, Tirana’s mountain, an amazing natural paradise that is reachable by funicular or car and perfect to escape from the crowds of the capital.