The Best Hotels in the Albanian Riviera

Bougainvillea | © shellandshilo / Pixabay

The Albanian Riviera is undoubtedly among the most magical places to visit in the country. Home to spectacular sand and pebble beaches, lovely Orthodox hamlets, a hidden monastery surrounded by forests, and gorgeous bays lapped by turquoise waters, those who plan to visit should take a look at these hotels, which are some of the best in the region.

Hotel Summer Dream, Drymades, Albania

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The stunning beach of Drymades | © artem evdokimov / Shutterstock

Hotel Summer Dream is a beautiful white-and-blue hotel near the gorgeous rock of Drymades beach. Drymades is arguably the best beach in the Riviera and is divided by a big rock; on one side of the rock, the beach is pebbly, and on the other it’s sandy. Summer Dream is in front of the pebbly beach. It’s the perfect location for those looking for a quiet and relaxing time. The rooms on the first floor have lovely terraces, and the hotel has a tasty restaurant with breathtaking views of the sea.

Hotel Orange Dhërmi, Albania

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Hotel Orange | Courtesy of Hotel Orange

Hotel Orange is on a street between Drymades Beach and the enchanting Orthodox hamlet of Dhërmi. It’s one of the classiest hotels in the Albanian Riviera, and it’s right next to Sofra e Pashait, one of the best restaurants in Dhërmi. After returning from a long day of exploring the beautiful churches, traditional houses, and cafés in Dhërmi, take some time to admire the gorgeous views over the beach from the terraces attached to each room.

Hotel Ionian View, Himara, Albania

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Bougainvillea | Bougainvillea

For breathtaking views over the Ionian Sea, the best option is Hotel Ionian View. It’s a cozy and lovely hotel in the coastal town Himara, which is one of the most frequented summer destinations in the Albanian Riviera—so don’t be surprised if it’s crowded. Ionian View has a beautiful garden, which is a perfect place to relax during the warmest days of the year.

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  • Bouganville Bay Hotel, Saranda, Albania

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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    Bougainville Bay is the most elegant hotel in Saranda and, possibly, in the Albanian Riviera. The rooms offer spectacular views of the sea, and the hotel has a pool, a spa, a hammam, and a private beach. Many of the guests use the diving equipment offered by the hotel to practice water sports in the nearby beaches.

    Hotel Oasis, Saranda, Albania

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    International breakfast | International breakfast

    Right in the heart of Saranda, the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera, Hotel Oasis is perfect for those looking for comfort and convenience. The hotel is near the beaches and close to the town, too, so it’s a great place to stay for visitors interested in both destinations. The hotel serves a beautiful breakfast every morning, after which guests can enjoy the enchanting views of the Saranda beaches from the terrace.

    Hotel Luxury, Ksamil, Albania

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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    Hotel Luxury is in front of the amazing beach of Ksamil, one of the best Mediterranean Sea beaches, and it’s the perfect place to stay in this slice of paradise. The hotel offers spacious rooms with sea-view terraces, and it’s just a short walk to Paradise Beach, as well. It’s also a great place from which to explore more of Ksamil, such as the Butrint archaeological park, which is only about 5 km (3 miles) away.