The 11 Most Stunning Beaches in Albania

Ksamil | © Landscape Nature Photo/Shutterstock
Photo of Francesca Masotti
15 February 2018

Albania’s southern coastline, with its lovely traditional hamlets, cobblestoned streets and small Orthodox churches, has plenty of beautiful beaches lapped by pristine waters, rivalling nearby Greece for half the price. And if you get your fill of coastal bays, you can head for the natural springs near Saranda or the lake shores near the Macedonian border – Albania has plenty of surprises. To name all of the beautiful beaches would be impossible, but here’s a list of the eleven most stunning beaches in Albania.


Drymades just may be the most beautiful beach of Albania: a small bay near the village of Dhërmi with a large rock that divides the pebbly beach from the sandy one, it’s the perfect place to spend some time relaxing. The beach is not crowded, not even during the summer, so keep it in mind.

Drymades Beach, 9700, Dhërmi, Albania


Drymades | © artem evdokimov/Shutterstock | © artem evdokimov / Shutterstock


The largest beach of Albania is Borsh, an untouched seven-kilometer-long stretch of sand located along the Albanian Riviera. It is surrounded by olive groves and high mountain peaks, and despite its beauty, is one of the least visited beaches in the country.

Borsh Beach, Rruga Plazhi, Borsh, Albania


Borsh | © Landscape Nature Photo/Shutterstock


South of Saranda, there is Ksamil, one of the best beach destinations in Albania. Ksamil is also called “the Ionian pearl” because of its beauty. It is located in a dramatic setting, a bay with three small islands reachable by swim or a boat ride, and surrounded by turquoise waters. We suggest that you avoid Ksamil in August, because it is very crowded.

Ksamil Beach, 9760, Albania


Ksamil | © Landscape Nature Photo/Shutterstock


Hidden by the mountains, Gjipe is the perfect beach for those who are looking for quiet and relaxation. Why? Because the bay is far from the road and to reach it requires a 30-minute trek through nature that offers spectacular views of the coast.

Gijpe Beach, Albania


Gijpe | © RossHelen/Shutterstock