United Kingdom, Europe

United Kingdom, Europe


Many see the UK as simply London – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, cups of tea and a population of people who either sound like Mary Poppins or Ray Winstone. The capital is an endlessly entertaining, cosmopolitan behemoth and, yes, we do drink an awful lot of tea. There’s even a fair few Winstone’s about, perhaps fewer flying nannies, but what we’re trying to say is that the UK is so much more.

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England itself is a vast and varied land, from the surfer-friendly waves of the Cornish coast to the atmospheric hills of the Peak District and the sheer beauty of the Lakes. Identity varies too, from the warm community spirit of Northern cities to the quaint, pretty little towns of the countryside and the ever-changing neighbourhoods of old London town.

Then there’s the magical, mystical beauty of neighbouring Wales. With misty mountains, perfectly preserved castles and one of Europe's oldest languages, it's no wonder that the mythic quality of this land – from Tolkienesque mountains named after giants to the breathtaking westerly coastline – has inspired countless poets, bards and fabulists.

Across the Irish Sea is Northern Ireland, where natural beauty is also ever-present, as the emerald greens of the countryside clash with the lively blues of its craggy coastline. There’s the Giant’s Causeway, the Dark Hedges and Belfast, the capital with more character than most.

And last but certainly not least, stretching high into the North Sea, are the rugged wilds of Scotland. Some of the landscapes here are unlike any you’ll find elsewhere in the UK, from the dramatic peaks of the Highlands to the otherworldly splendour of the Hebrides.

You can experience the glory of Scotland with Culture Trip’s culturally immersive adventures. We’ll take you island-hopping around the Hebrides, where you’ll sample Scottish whisky, roam the Cuillin mountains and explore the pristine Isle of Harris coastline by kayak and on foot.

Alternatively, we’ll blend urban with rural on our Edinburgh Mini Trip, which takes in the charming streets of Scotland’s historic capital before escaping to the country for magical views of Loch Lomond and a hike along the West Highland Way.

Told you we weren’t exaggerating – the UK is a treasure trove of adventure. Tea and biscuits, anyone?