Spain, Europe

Spain, Europe


The fiery passion that flows through Spain is unmistakable, from the flamenco dancers of Seville to the surrealist painters of Barcelona, this is a place to feel, to absorb and – of course – to taste.

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While this vibrant spirit, along with glorious Mediterranean weather, unites the entirety of Spain, it is also a country of many faces, both geographically and culturally. The rugged coasts of the north are a stark contrast to the rusty deserts of Andalucia, or the pristine beaches of the Balearics. Meanwhile, regions like Catalunya and the Basque Country have their own distinct identities – similar, but not the same.

Wherever you end up in Spain, immersing yourself in that local culture is absolutely essential. That’s where we come in. Our trips, curated by Travel Experts and led by friendly Local Insiders, are designed to take you right to the beating heart of a place. Whether it’s the artistic pulse of Barcelona, the sunny streets of Seville, the grandeur of Alhambra or the culinary delights of San Sebastian, is up to you.

We’ll show you the unique architecture of Barca’s Gothic Quarter, explore the dazzling forts and palaces of Andalucia, and road-trip along the beautiful Bay of Biscay.

And no trip to Spain is complete without a streak of indulgence – which is why Spanish cuisine will always play a huge part wherever we take you, be it on a pintxos tour of Bilbao, a paella cooking class in Seville, or to overload the senses in La Boqueria, Barcelona’s epic market, where cured Iberian ham takes centre stage. The destination is yours to choose, but know that when you come to Spain with Culture Trip, you won’t go home hungry.