Portugal, Europe

Portugal, Europe


The Portuguese lifestyle represents everything special about southern Europe – a cuisine that's aged like a fine glass of port, beautiful beaches that bask in the sun, and an enviably laid-back population.

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This country is all about the undiscovered, the discovered and how they intersect. The capital, Lisbon, welcomes millions of visitors every year; and yet, there is always something new to explore just around the corner from landmarks and tourist traps. Meanwhile Porto, in the north, is one of the most underrated cities in Europe, full of trendy cafes and bookshops. Both cities represent the country's ability to remain hip, as contemporary cultural scenes constantly emerge on the foundations of centuries of history and culture.

There's a similar duality to the Portuguese countryside. While the Algarve is deservedly one of the most popular beach destinations on the continent, you can also escape to the Douro Valley wine lands or even the Azores, an archipelago that fulfils the fantasies of any outdoor adventurer. The thing that unites the country is a passion for all things food and drink. Any trip to Portugal is incomplete without a fair share of wine, coffee and pastéis de nata.

So how do you even begin to take in the many bounties of Portugal? This is where small-group travel comes in. Culture Trip, with the help of our Local Insiders, will take you from city to city, helping you explore their authentic sides, as well as taking you to the beaches, vineyards and valleys that separate them. If adrenaline is your fuel, then join us in the Azores for a volcanic expedition, where we'll take you abseiling down waterfalls, kayaking in crater lakes and soaking in natural hot springs. Whatever your speed, Portugal is waiting to welcome you with open arms and plenty of freshly made pastries.