Greece, Europe

Greece, Europe


Still-glorious temples to Olympic gods are proof that modern Greece is awash with myth, legend and beauty. Beyond the history, there’s an effervescent cultural scene, with beloved traditional cuisine served in welcoming tavernas, and an edgy output from the artists of Athens.

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So where better to start than the modern capital, birthplace of democracy and one of the oldest cities in the world? The Acropolis is an icon of the city and a must-visit, while the Keramikos neighbourhood serves modern delights in trendy bars and restaurants. Hit up Gazi, Metaxourgio and Psiri for world-leading street art.

The second city, Thessaloniki, is less-visited but endlessly alluring. The White Tower – a 15th-century fairytale fort – stands guard on the Thermaic Gulf coast, while the Ano Poli is a historic neighbourhood with Unesco-badged old city walls.

And then there are, of course, the islands. The largest is Crete, home to the Palace of Knossos, where legend has it the minotaur was trapped; the gorgeous waterside city of Chania; and a history spanning Greek, Venetian and Ottoman rulers.

The Cycladic Islands never go out of fashion. Santorini with its volcanic beaches and whitewashed, blue-domed churches; Mykonos, with its ever-popular shores and 16th-century windmills; and Naxos, with its old town on the waterfront. The list goes on.

You could chance it and travel solo, perhaps Hermes will guide your adventures as he’s done for travellers through millenia. Alternatively, join one of our expertly curated small-group adventures in Greece. Led by our Local Insiders, Epic Trips and Mini Trips by Culture Trip go deep into the history and culture of this endlessly fascinating land. From Athens to Crete, Santorini to Thessaloniki, there’s an adventure for you.