The Top 10 Museums in Panama City

Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama | Courtesy of MAC
Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama | Courtesy of MAC
Photo of Brittney Schering
24 January 2018

Panama is home to an extraordinary array of history, art, and stories to be told. These are the top 10 museums in Panama City that will immerse you in everything Panama has to offer.

MAC Panama

If you can only visit one museum during your stay in Panama City, it should definitely be the Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s basically free with a donation-based entrance fee and its exhibits change out often. The museum also frequently hosts free events to feature new art—make sure to check out its events calendar because free exhibits also generally mean free drinks and a chance to mingle with the artsy crowd of Panama City, a treat in and of itself.

Museum of Contemporary Art Panama, Calle San Blas, Panama City, Panama, +507 262 3380

Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama | Courtesy of MAC

Natural Science Museum

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Blue-and-yellow macaw
Blue-and-yellow macaw | © Lacie Slezak/Unsplash
Said to be magnificent, the Natural Science Museum has been integral to Panama City since opening its doors in 1975 and is a beautiful place to explore the mysteries of planet Earth. It features extensive research, collections, and classifications of conserved geological and paleontological specimens and the local and foreign animal life it houses is made relevant to Panama’s natural resources. The museum also takes great care and places an emphasis on endangered plants and animals.

Punta Culebra Nature Center

The Punta Culebra Nature Center is located on an island connected to Panama City by the Amador Causeway. Operated by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, it focuses mainly on marine and terrestrial science and education, conservation, and interpretation of marine coastal environments in the tropics. Among its attractions are the Fabulous Frogs of Panama, a tank full of starfish and other echinoderms, and a tropical dry forest with free roaming animals such as sloths, green iguanas, and beautiful birds.

Punta Culebra Nature Center, Panama City, Panama, +507 212 8793