The Top Museums In and Around Casco Viejo, Panama

The Top Museums In and Around Casco Viejo, Panama
Panama is home to an extraordinary array of history, art, and has intriguing stories to tell. Here are the top museums in Casco Viejo in Panama City that you won’t want to miss.

Afro-Antillian Museum

Located near the Cinco de Mayo metro stop and not far from the MAC Panama is the Afro-Antillian Museum. This small and often missed spectacle is full of historically astounding information about the first African Americans to colonize Panama — who they were, and what they contributed to Panama’s rich history. Everyone should pay a visit to this museum.
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MAC Panama

The MAC is the museum of art in Panama, and it really needs your love and support! It’s basically free with a donation-based entrance fee, and exhibits change out frequently. This museum has free events all the time that feature new art on display, so stay tuned because free exhibit events also generally mean free drinks and mingling with the artsy crowd of Panama, which is always a treat in and of itself.

Calle San Blas, Panamá, Panama

Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama | Courtesy of MAC


An incredible, interactive museum dedicated to the evolution of biodiversity as we know it, this Frank Gehry-designed museum is a spectacle not to be missed. Dedicate an afternoon to exploring its many, wonder-filled exhibits and learn a thing or two about how the world came to be all that it is today. It is fascinating.

Edificio 136, Calzada de Amador, Calz. de Amador 136, Panamá, Panama

Museo Panama Viejo

This unique specialty museum offers sightseeing tours through the ruins in Panama Viejo. The museum is a cultural landmark, small, quiet and colorful with much history to share.

Natural Science Museum

This museum of natural science is magnificent. A beautiful representation of the whole planet, the Natural Science Museum has been a spectacle of Panama City since opening its doors in 1975. Research, collection, classification, conservation, and exhibition of representative specimens of geology, paleontology, and local and foreign animal life are all featured. The museum also places great emphasis on endangered plants and animals.

Karavan Gallery

This art gallery is small but interesting. A great place to find unique gifts for friends and family, Karavan Gallery is in Casco Viejo. They offer incredible local crafts as well as art.

Casco Antiguo, lateral al Arco Chato, Calle 3a, Panamá, Panama