The Most Epic Hikes to Take in Panama

Chorro el Macho in El Valle de Anton | © Todd Webb
Chorro el Macho in El Valle de Anton | © Todd Webb
Photo of Brittney Schering
4 December 2017

Panama offers a wide range of incredible hikes at all experience levels. From easy strolls to moderate hikes and more serious trails for the seasoned trekker, find the hikes that are right for you and set out to feast your eyes on some of the most epic sights Panama has to offer.

La India Dormida

Located in El Valle de Anton is a grand mountain called La India Dormida, “the sleeping Indian girl.” With several trails ranging from easy to extreme, you can have your pick of a number of sights, including some gorgeous waterfalls. The Chorro de las Mozas and Chorro el Macho trails are easy, breezy options, while other trails such as La Piedra Pintada grow in difficulty as you venture further up the mountain. The summit rewards hikers with an astounding view.

La India Dormida, Anton Valley, Panama

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El Valle de Anton | © Todd Webb

Metropolitan Natural Park

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Chorro el Macho in El Valle de Anton
Chorro el Macho in El Valle de Anton | © Todd Webb
Panama City is the only metropolis in the world to have a jungle within its city center, and there are many trails on offer for you to hike through in the Metropolitan Natural Park. This is an exciting chance to see some of the exotic wildlife that calls Panama home. Trails include Motmots, Mahoganies, Oak, Titi Monkey, and Small Swamp; the guides can help you to choose a path that suits your preferences and level of fitness.

Soberania National Park

This national park in Panama offers marked paths such as Pipeline Road, which is a bird lover’s paradise. Pipeline provides the opportunity for you to take in the sights and sounds of some of Panama’s wildlife throughout the plush greenery of the jungle. The further you hike, the better your chance of seeing monkeys, sloths, coatimundis, and more of Panama’s furry regulars. Animals are most active in the morning, so hikers are encouraged to set out before 9 a.m. for the best experience. Other trails within this park include Plantation Path, the Pond Natural Trail, Trail of the Crosses, and Spirit of the Forest.

Soberanía National Park, Panama

Birdwatching, Panama | © Courtesy of Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Panama boasts many more incredible opportunities to hike, including Summit Municipal Park, devoted to a botanical garden, Taboga Island’s Trail of the Three Crosses, Darien National Park’s serious jungle trail favored by nature enthusiasts, the Finca Suiza, and La Amistad International Park in Chiriqui.

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