The Best Womenswear Shops in Panama City

Find the best womenswear in Panama
Find the best womenswear in Panama | © gonghuimin468 / Pixabay
Photo of Brittney Schering
12 April 2018

Panama is full of prime shopping opportunities with ample options for womenswear. Here you’ll find everything, from top-notch, posh apparel and luxury evening outfits to casual and athletic wear. Here are the best shops in Panama City for womenswear.

Angelica’s Corner

This boutique is full of exclusive fashion for women. With clothes, accessories, perfumes, and jewelry, Angelica’s Corner has everything you could need for an upcoming fancy night out on the town.


Meraki is a divine boutique with a fun variety of casualwear for women, as well as cocktail apparel. With accessories, jewelry, and perfume on offer, Meraki is a boutique to visit when you aren’t sure what you want, but you know you need something comfy and sexy. Meraki has the best of both worlds.

Shop for unique accessories and jewelry | © Artem Bali / Pexels

Attica Boutique

Located inside the trendy Ocean Mall on Avenida de la Rotonda in Costa Del Este is Attica Boutique. Shop here for designer items and luxury swimwear, signature accessories and so much more at this posh, fashion-forward boutique.

9 Lunas

9 Lunas is a fantastic boutique specializing in chic maternity apparel. As the name (which translates to “nine moons”) suggests, this is an ideal place for mothers looking for something they can feel both beautiful and comfortable in during those nine months of growing and glowing.

pregnant woman | © Pixabay

Garbo by Greta

Garbo by Greta is an ultra-chic boutique of the high-end variety. Ran by local designer Greta, the passion for fashion is alive and well here. You’ll find fun, fierce, and statement pieces for the independent, classic yet modern, bold, and unapologetic woman. Proceed with confidence.

Running Balboa

A different fashion zone is Running Balboa. Located inside Ocean Mall, this luxury sportswear store has all your sportswear needs covered. Look cool as you work up a sweat with this store’s trendy athletic apparel.