The Best Time of the Year to Visit Panama

El Otro Lado Private Retreat, Panama | Courtesy of El Otro Lado
El Otro Lado Private Retreat, Panama | Courtesy of El Otro Lado
Except for the month of November, any time of the year is great for visiting Panama, so planning a time to venture to this paradise will ultimately be up to you. Read on for our guide of Panama’s low, high, dry, and wet seasons.
Chagres River, Panama © Courtesy of Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Panama is a place of two seasons: wet and dry

Most travelers visit Panama during its dry season—summer—which begins mid-December and ends in mid-April. During this time, the country sees little to no rainfall, which sounds nice but makes for brown vegetation throughout the country due to its droughts when you really should be seeing more green.

Fishing in Gamboa, Panama © Courtesy of Gamboa Rainforest Resort

The wet season, which Panamanians refer to as their winter, lasts from mid-April to mid-December. The rain starts slowly and gets heavier as it gets deeper into the season, with November having the heaviest rainfall of all. Despite having a season that sees a lot of rain, most showers only last an hour and the result is beautiful, vibrant greenery all around. The rain also provides a refreshing break from the heat—something that is present year-round and makes Panama a tropical paradise.

High or low

If you don’t mind a little rain, the wet season is far more beautiful but definitely more humid. If you prefer visit Panama during its high season, plan your trip during the dry months. If you’d rather enjoy a more quiet holiday and lower overall prices, aim for the start or middle of the wet season and you won’t be disappointed.

Aerial Tram in Gamboa, Panama © Courtesy of Gamboa Rainforest Resort

The worst time of the year to visit Panama is during the month of November. Not only does Panama see the heaviest rainfall during this time but it is also a month of numerous national holidays when locals take their own vacations, resulting in many businesses closing down for the month.