The Best Creative Centers and Spaces for Artists in Panama

Panama has a selection of coworking spaces
Panama has a selection of coworking spaces | © StartupStockPhotos / Pixabay
Photo of Brittney Schering
9 April 2018

From cozy cafés to incredible coworking spaces, Panama is full of spots for artists and creatives to get to work. Here are some of the best creative centers and spaces on offer.

Casa Sucre

A sweetly nostalgic nook amidst the wonder and whim of Casco Viejo is the favored coffeehouse in Panama City, Casa Sucre. Head over for the divine Panamanian coffee and delectable food on offer. Stay for the lovely ambiance, cozy décor, and large windows ideal for people watching as you work or read or study the day away.

Workings Obarrio

A brilliant brainchild of the Tomorrow Digital Project founder Simon Zebede, Workings is a phenomenal, futuristic coworking space. Here, entrepreneurs of all levels are invited to rent a space that fits their needs, with various types available. For the hungry digital nomad, Workings offers an intelligent, forward-thinking alternative to camping out at coffee shops.

The view over Panama City's financial district | © Courtesy of Woondu

Armonica Café

Fit for the more artistic crowd, Armonica Café is part-art house, part-brew house, plus hamburgers. The ambiance is as hipster as one can imagine, though charmingly so, with a welcoming vibe that urges you to come on in, have a beer, and stay a while.

Workings Costa del Este

Another branch of Workings is in the haute and trendy are of Costa del Este. Each branch is totally unique to the area, with different infrastructure and design, but the same passion remains behind the project. Workings provides a perfect environment with ample open space, work areas and private offices—a unique spectrum of spaces to cover all needs.

Workings, Panama Photo | © Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

New York Bagel Café

Bottomless coffee and freshly baked bagels make a divine combination at New York Bagel Café. This conveniently located café is a praised staple among locals, visitors, and expats alike. The menu also offers a full list of breakfast options, from the incredibly delectable French toast to delicious omelets. Lunch items range from phenomenal, fresh salads to burgers, to the Panamanian favorite, Sancocho. Everyone loves New York Bagel Café.


Leto lets coffee lovers connect over what they call the ideal cup of coffee, while simultaneously representing Panama in the world barista championship. An environment that is part-modern, part-rustic, and service sure to please patrons, Leto cares about the authenticity of the coffee they brew, and it shows in the quality and integrity of every cup. Whether it’s a pour-over, matcha latte, cappuccino, or whatever else the customer may think up, Leto makes revolutionizing coffee possible.

Matcha latte at Leto | © Brittney Schering

Workings Punta Pacifica

Workings can also be found in the heart of the posh, sophisticated Punta Pacifica. What sets Workings apart from other coworking spaces is that it provides a foundation for folks who bring their budding businesses to this coworking office to progress. Those who start with a basic, open coworking space membership grow and advance to the private office membership over time, a direct result of the impressive incubator. Workings is not only a coworking space, it is an opportunity to surround yourself with the greatness you seek, which helps in writing your own success story.