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Panamanian woman wearing the Pollera dress | © Ayaita/Wikimedia Commons
Panamanian woman wearing the Pollera dress | © Ayaita/Wikimedia Commons
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Everything You Need to Know About Panama's Fashion Week 2018

Picture of Brittney Schering
Updated: 2 December 2017
Fashion Week in Panama is an undeniably incredible experience unlike any other fashion show you’ve ever seen. Though we already know that Fashion Week 2018 is sure to feature unpredictable elements of talent and boldness, here are a few ideas of what to expect based on the one that just wrapped up.

Models with real bodies

If you’ve ever attended a fashion week anywhere else in the world, you’ve probably only seen models that are rail-thin with no facial expression at all. Cold and stiff, with models like mannequins in motion, these fashion shows can quickly get boring.

Panamanian woman wearing the Pollera dress
Panamanian woman wearing the Pollera dress | © Ayaita/Wikimedia Commons

Fashion Week in Panama is the absolute opposite. The models featured are real men and women with real bodies full of curves in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re also much more alive and vibrant while strutting down the runway, or dancing, or shimmying (not at all stiff or robotic) and you’ll be completely refreshed by their displays.

Feminism is front and center

Panamanian designer Tony Vergara said it best when he stated, “Women can do everything. Right now, we are living in a world that women need the space to do what they want. I am so feminist because I am born in a family with three sisters and my mom. My vision is to support women, to empower—that is my vision.” Vergara supports the feminist movement with a line of t-shirts that read, “This is a woman’s world.”

Karen Jordán, Panama
Karen Jordán, Panama | © Sergegf / WikiCommons

The colors and patterns are downright electric

The boldness of colorful and vibrant fashion here is wild. So much of the fashion gracing the Panama runway in the past has been full of delightful color palettes, from neons to pastels and sometimes even a combination of the two. Patterns are combined in ways you’d never imagine and textures are sublime. Nothing is off-limits at Fashion Week Panama—the more eclectic, the greater the applause. It’s a creative’s paradise.

Emberá tribe, Panama
Emberá tribe, Panama | © Courtesy of Gamboa Rainforest Resort

All sheer everything

Sheer is the new black as far as fashion in Panama is concerned. From sheer tops to sheer body suits and basically sheer everything else, the power of translucent trendsetters leaves little to the imagination while still maintaining dignity and grace.

Fashion Week Panama 2018 will carry the torch of unapologetically bold, colorful, and vivacious fashion, which, quite frankly, the world needs much more of.