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Guna Yala woman showcasing her molas (fabrics)  | © Johantheghost / WikiCommons
Guna Yala woman showcasing her molas (fabrics) | © Johantheghost / WikiCommons
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7 Artists from Panama City The World Needs to Know

Picture of Brittney Schering
Updated: 13 December 2017
Creatives love Panama City. Artists of all varieties thrive in this melting pot metropolis that caters to creating art, be it in the form of fashion, film, music, writing, painting, or a combination of all the above. Here is a list of impressively talented artists from Panama City the world needs to know.
Street Art on Via Argentina
Street Art on Via Argentina | © Todd Webb / HEADsPACE Photography

Lisbeth Gonzalez

An artist of paint, film, writing, and perhaps most impressively, jiu-jitsu, Lisbeth Gonzales is a passionate artist with an incredible perspective. She is also a profoundly talented portrait and street photographer. Intrigued by uniqueness, she is not so sure about perfection. In love with analog living, Lisbeth is a master of tangible art, which she showcases on her website and Instagram account, @puedeserlisbeth.

Gabriel Gonzalez Ruiz

Gabriel is a well-traveled visionary who works as a filmmaker and cinematographer. He works with Sony Alpha, Olympus, and Huawei p9. Check out his incredibly impressive reel and more here.

Ammy Katrina Cruz

Ammy is a young, talented artist in fashion and drawing. She documents her life on her blog and shares much of her introspective art on her Instagram account, @ammykatrina. Recently spotted in stunning outfits at Fashion Week Panama, Ammy is one to watch, sure to rise to the top.

Ammy at Fashion Week Panama
Ammy at Fashion Week Panama | © Todd Webb / HEADsPACE Photography

Santiago Cruz

Better known as Santi, this Panamanian artist is exceptionally gifted, a master of contemporary and portrait painting with oil, acrylic, and charcoal on linen and canvas. An avid world traveler, find him and his work in Florence and Berlin when he is not home in Panama. Have a look at his astounding work here as well as on Instagram, @santicruzart.

Moises Kierszenblat

A multidimensional artist, Moises is a master of photography, printing, and digital art. Discover his works on his studio’s website. Moises is presently focused on printing at his studio, Estudio La Exposición, located in El Cangrejo, Panama City.

Maria Lorena

Maria is the designer for Malore. The impressive runway show consisted of a notably innovative collection named Maleza, which means undergrowth in English. It means seeing the beauty behind, within, or hidden in something. Also inspired by the beauty of nature, the color palette is earthy with browns and oranges and reds. The Malore workshop is in Clayton, from where Maria currently works by appointment. Find her on Instagram at @maloremalore for more custom-made and ready-to-wear fashion.

Malore at Fashion Week Panama
Malore at Fashion Week Panama | © Todd Webb / HEADsPACE Photography

Bredio Mendieta

With an eye for detail, a mind for perception, and a soul for artwork, Bredio is the designer for the Panamanian brand, Londy Atelier. Inspired by the structures of nature, Bredio likes to work with colors that are found in perfect equilibrium in nature. Follow him on Instagram at @londyartificer.