11 Reasons Why Panama is a Nature Lover's Paradise

Tree Trek Zipline, Boquete, Panama | © Courtesy of Boquete Tree Trek
Tree Trek Zipline, Boquete, Panama | © Courtesy of Boquete Tree Trek
Photo of Brittney Schering
12 December 2017

From extraordinary hikes to spectacular sights, Panama is a nature lover’s paradise. Tall trees tower over rare species of plants and animals while wildlife wanders through the rain forest. Have a glance under the sea for even more incredible discoveries. Opportunities are endless, though these are some of the best that keep nature lovers coming back to Panama again and again.


Located in the mountains of the Chiriquí Highlands is a quaint village known as Boquete. Quiet and peaceful, Boquete offers a gorgeous landscape of coffee plantations surrounded by mountains and is home to one of the top three private gardens in the world, “Mi Jardin es Su Jardin.” Equal, ample opportunities for hiking as well as cozying up and relaxing with a cup of exquisite Panamanian coffee make Boquete an incredible destination for nature lovers.

Jungle | © Kaitlyn Jameson/Unsplash

San Blas Islands

This island chain is perfect for sailing, diving, and snorkeling. Backpackers often unite on the San Blas Islands on the Caribbean Sea. The islands have a rustic feel and offer a phenomenal off-grid escape, contrary to the regular, run-of-the-mill beach. San Blas is a world of islands all its own, and all are welcome.

Bocas Del Toro

This beloved beach town on the sea is equal parts Caribbean chill and epic beach party. Surrounded by the jungle and rainforest, surfers love to come to Bocas del Toro to catch the tide. Water taxis are everywhere waiting to take travelers to secret, secluded coves and extraordinary snorkeling locations. Bocas del Toro is a dream destination in Panama.

Parque Andres Bello

This small slice of paradise amidst the busy buzz of the city is a delightful gem of peaceful greenery in the heart of El Cangrejo. The much-adored park, Parque Andres Bello, features a sweet escape full of towering trees. Also included is the adult playground full of workout equipment, an enclosed area with safe playscape fun for smaller children, and a leash-free, gated dog zone for Fido to get his fetch on.

Parque Andres Bello | © Todd Webb / HEADsPACE Photography

Parque Omar

Parque Omar is another favorite location within the city limits frequented by locals and expats, as well as travelers. Throughout the large, lush park are many free activities to partake in if desired. If not, the scenery offers enough to mesmerize as passersby and other avid park goers tend to do.

Metropolitan Natural Park

Panama City is the only metropolis to have a jungle within its city center. Hike through the many trails on offer in Metropolitan Natural Park. Explore the gorgeous scenery and exciting chance to see the exotic wildlife that calls Panama home. With trail names like Motmots, Mahoganies, Oak, Titi Monkey, and Small Swamp, the guides can help with which path is best based on your preference of difficulty.

Up close and personal | © Jack Hamilton / Unsplash

City of Knowledge

A gorgeous area full of greenery, City of Knowledge is a place of its own pace and space that seems entirely separate from the hustle and bustle of the city. This area is also close to the famous Panama Canal. As its name indicates, City of Knowledge is surrounded by a park dedicated to knowledge and higher education.

Ancon Hill

Ancon Hill is located at the foot of the area called Clayton in Panama City. This is an extraordinary sight to see, whether you walk to the foot of it or hike to the top for a beautiful view of Panama City. Jogging and biking are common around Ancon Hill, as its gorgeous, tropical greenery of towering, age-old trees meets the crossroads of desire with the luxurious, modern communities.

El Valle de Anton

The second largest inhabited sleeping volcano in the world is El Valle de Anton. On offer are incredible hikes through the majestic greenery that surrounds this spectacle. From the short and easy trail called the Chorro de las Mozas to another breezy option called Chorro el Macho, other trails like La Piedra Pintada grow in difficulty as you venture further up the mountain, naturally leading to the top, which rewards hikers with an astounding view.

A curious inhabitant | © Tony Reid/Unsplash

La India Dormida

Located in El Valle de Anton is a grand mountain called La India Dormida, “the sleeping Indian girl.” With several trails ranging from easy to extreme, have your pick of various sights full of gorgeous waterfalls.

Plenty more on offer

Panama boasts many more incredible opportunities to hike, including Summit Municipal Park, devoted to a botanical garden, Taboga Island’s Trail of the Three Crosses, Darien National Park’s serious jungle trail favored by nature enthusiasts, the Finca Suiza, and La Amistad International Park in Chiriqui.

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