The 10 Best Restaurants near Amador, Panama City

Buffet-style at the Panamanian Food Fest | © Panamerican Food Festival/ Flickr
Buffet-style at the Panamanian Food Fest | © Panamerican Food Festival/ Flickr
Amador is known for its causeway, Panama City’s booming boardwalk surrounded by four islands. The stretch of land surrounded by water is home to many activities and attractions in Panama. Here are some of the best restaurants near Amador.

Cayucos Bar Restaurante

Diner, Restaurant, Bar, Contemporary, Beer, $$$

This restaurant boasts a family-friendly environment, delicious food, and a spectacular view. With reasonable price and top-notch service, customers come happy and leave happier. This is a fun place for dining for more than just a meal; it’s an experience.

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Restaurant, Pizzeria, Seafood, Panamanian, $$$

This family-friendly restaurant offers Italian fare with delicious pizzas and seafood. The dishes most talked on are pizzas followed by chicken and seafood. Along with fine fare is the remarkable view and superb location near lots of shopping and other activities on the causeway.

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Lenos y Carbon

Restaurant, Bar, Seafood, BBQ, Steakhouse, $$$
Ceviche | © Clay Junell/Flickr

This beloved steakhouse is a chain seen frequently throughout Panama. With cuisines including steak, Latin, seafood, and barbecue, the upscale establishment has visitors raving most about the steak and octopus ceviche.

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Mi Ranchito

Restaurant, Bar, Caribbean, Central American, Seafood, $$$
Shrimp | © april_kim/Pixabay

The restaurant, which translates to “my little ranch”, offers Caribbean cuisine as well as Latin, seafood, and Central American fare. The Isla Naos location on Amador Causeway boasts a most remarkable view. Corvina and shrimp are dishes most talked about, as are the great cocktails.

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Restaurant, Central American, Seafood, Mediterranean
Short Ribs
Short Ribs | © Rusty Clark

Caliope boasts an outstanding meal experience with seafood, Central American, and international cuisine. This beautiful restaurant is listed as number two out of 954 restaurants in Panama City on TripAdvisor, and with good reason. Must-taste dishes include the mushroom soup, lamb chops, and short ribs.

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Nazca 21 Restaurant

Restaurant, Bar, Peruvian, $$$
Sunset over Amador
Sunset over Amador | © TravelingOtter / Flickr

This Peruvian establishment is exceptional, with dishes worth raving about that include fried ceviche, king prawns, and shrimp dishes. Also, be sure to treat yourself to a Cusqueña or two. This restaurant is known for its exceptional quality and value.

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