How To Go Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Photo of Jason Palmer
26 February 2020

Would you like to slide down an active volcano? If the answer’s yes, then check out the Nicaraguan volcano Cerro Negro – a daredevil’s dream destination that offers a breakneck experience called volcano boarding.

Adventurers have to hike to the top of the 2,300ft (701m) peak, each carrying their own wooden boards that they’ll eventually use to slide down. It’s a tough hike, but the ride down is something really special that you’ll never forget. But holding a piece of string attached to a wooden board may sound like madness to some – will you be brave enough to try this before the next eruption?

Thrill-seekers will love the chance to slide down an active volcano | © Culture Trip

Riding on wooden boards down a volcano’s steep slope could present some challenges, especially when you can pick up speeds of 50mph (80kph) on some descents. But the wow factor will likely provide enough of a thrill to keep your mind off the risks.

Where can you go volcano boarding?

Cerro Negro is the youngest and most active volcano in Nicaragua and has become a real hotspot for volcano boarding. You can enjoy some stunning views and feel the adrenaline rush of boarding down the slopes in an environment that not many people ever get to set foot on.

Volcano boarding: what to wear?

You might look like an extra from Breaking Bad, but yellow jumpsuits are all the rage when plummeting down the steep inclines. Protective goggles, a head scarf and hard-wearing gloves complete the look and help protect you from the elements hurtling towards you.

A typical day’s itinerary at Volcano Day Nicaragua

There are guided tours that deliver a full day’s adventure. Volcano Day Nicaragua is one such company and they really take you on an unforgettable journey. At around 8am you’ll be picked up from your hotel or hostel and take you for a complimentary cup of coffee. Here you can meet up with the rest of the group coming along on the day trip with you. You’ve got to look the part, and Volcano Day is famed for its tour t-shirts, so next you get to head to its offices to pick yours out (from a few designs) before you start your trek to the volcano itself. Then it’s boarding time!

If you’re looking for a cool experience with a unique thrill, consider volcano boarding – an activity that’s sure to stay with you for the rest of your life.

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