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Guatemalan textiles, Lake Atitlan I © Fernando Reyes Palencia / Flickr
Guatemalan textiles, Lake Atitlan I © Fernando Reyes Palencia / Flickr
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Where to Buy Traditional Guatemalan Dress in Antigua

Picture of Selene Nelson
Freelance writer
Updated: 25 September 2017
Guatemala is known for producing incredibly beautiful clothes and textiles, many of which are made using traditional Mayan weaving techniques. With a wealth of bustling markets and upmarket boutiques, Antigua is the best place in the country to make your purchases – here’s our ultimate guide.
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Nim Po’t

Located near the yellow Santa Catalina Arch, Nim Po’t is one of the best places to find traditional Mayan clothing. This huge hall is a cooperative for artisans, with beautiful garments arranged by region, so browsing the intricate huipils, cortes and fajas is like a fun geography lesson. Make sure you haggle!

5a Avenida Norte, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, +502 7832 2681

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Algodones Mayas

Just outside the Santo Domingo Hotel, Algodones Mayas has a great selection of traditional clothing in an understated and elegant array of colours, as well as lovely woven bags and shoes. It’s a good place to pick up a cardigan or scarf – a necessity for Antigua’s chilly nights – and there’s also a nice selection of men’s shirts.

3a Calle Oriente, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Museo Casa del Tejido

Antigua is known for its beautifully woven textiles, and Casa del Tejido is the best place to learn more about these traditional designs. The designs of Mayan clothes are far more significant than you might think, and here you can discover the different styles of Guatemalan weaves. Casa del Tejido is essentially a museum, market and workshop all in one, so before you buy you can learn all about what you’re purchasing.

1a Calle Poniente, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, +502 7832 3169

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Mercado de Artesanías

The Artisan Market is the main tourist market, and is packed with colourful textiles, traditional blankets and woven purses. You can buy well-made and authentic Guatemalan clothes here, but never buy anything at face value – vendors usually increase the price threefold.

3a Avenida Norte, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Stela 9

At Stela 9 you can treat yourself to gorgeous Guatemalan clothing from head to toe, as this lovely boutique has a wide range of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Made ethically by local artisans and with vibrant colours and unique patterns, the clothes here are exceptional.

3a Calle Oriente #43, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, +502 4217 6699

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Kolt is an ethical boutique that produces beautiful and unique handmade Guatemalan clothing. Every item at this boutique is a gorgeous reflection of the handmade products that Guatemala is famous for – they really are works of art.

3a Calle Poniente #25, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, +502 3095 2259

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Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes is another artisan cooperative, but this one is a bit pricier and more upmarket than some of the others. You can find a beautiful and varied range of high-quality natural clothing and products here, from scarfs, jumpers and dresses to decorative vases, coasters and baskets.

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala