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Antigua Guatemala volcano | © SdosRemedios / Flickr
Antigua Guatemala volcano | © SdosRemedios / Flickr

11 Natural Wonders in Guatemala That Will Blow You Away

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Freelance writer
Updated: 30 October 2017
With swathes of tropical rainforest, smoke-spewing volcanoes and mist-veiled lakes, Guatemala is easily one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Packed with ancient Mayan ruins and thundering waterfalls, it’s hard to find areas of this country that aren’t breathtaking. Here are 10 natural wonders in Guatemala that will blow you away.

Lake Atitlan

Bordered by dramatic volcanoes, Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan has long inspired superlatives from even the most seasoned travelers. Nineteenth-century travel writer John L. Stevens called Lake Atitlan, “the most magnificent spectacle we ever saw,” nearly 200 years later, Lonely Planet described it as, “the closest thing to Eden on earth.” With traditional Mayan villages dotted around the perimeter, the dramatic scenery and immersive culture have cemented it as one of the most popular sights in Central America.

Lake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan |