The Best Quirky Restaurants in San José, Costa Rica

Breakfast in the city | Courtesy of Búlali Café y Respostería Artesanal
Breakfast in the city | Courtesy of Búlali Café y Respostería Artesanal | Búlali Café y Respostería Artesanal
Photo of Jenn Parker
19 April 2018

San José definitely has a happening gastronomy scene. You can find nearly every type of cuisine in the city. There are some restaurants though that are truly unique in their own quirky way. If you are looking to tantalize your tastebuds, these restaurants will surely do that trick.


Cafe, Healthy, Dessert, Central American, $$$
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Café in San José, Costa Rica
A quirky and cute café | Courtesy of Cafeoteca | Cafeoteca

Cafeoteca has 23 different coffees from eight different coffee-growing regions in Costa Rica. Suffice it to say this café is a coffee connoisseur’s happy place. The baristas are incredibly knowledgeable and even use multiple brewing methods. Simply put, Cafeoteca is more than just a café – it is a coffee experience – with delicious pastries that pair perfectly with their speciality brews. This trendy café is also part of the sensational restaurant Kalú.

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Dessert, All Day, Takeaway


Cosy, Boutique, Casual, Quirky

Búlali, Café y Respostería Artesanal

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Anything but ordinary | Courtesy of Búlali Café y Respostería Artesanal | Búlali Café y Respostería Artesanal

Búlali means bee honey in the indigenous Bri Bri tribe’s native language. This unique café is inspired by the Bri Bri tribe’s harmonious way of life and respect for nature. There is no refined sugar or artificial coloring used in any of Búlali’s extraordinary dishes, everything is made as naturally as possible. It is here that you can indulge in delicious quinoa pancakes or electric pink smoothies with chia seeds, among so many other healthy and belly-satisfying plates, sandwiches, salads, and pastry options.

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Brunch, Dinner, Dessert, Takeaway, Lunch, Breakfast, Afternoon Tea


Boutique, Family Friendly, Relaxed, Quirky, Cosy

Café Rojo

Cafe, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bistro, Vietnamese, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, $$$
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Build your perfect bowl | © Andrea Nguyen / Flickr

Café Rojo is a cute Vietnamese-inspired restaurant. Their concept is a build-your-own-dish approach. First, you pick your base and then you pick whether you want vegetarian add-ins or fish, chicken, or pork. They have a wonderful selection of hot and cold coffees and teas too. Café Rojo makes everything in-house and uses only the finest and freshest ingredients. This adorable place will surely surprise you.

Product C

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As fresh as it gets | © Leonard J Matthews/Flickr | Leonard J Matthews / Flickr

Product C originated in Mal Pais and has since expanded to two locations in San José. The concept behind this inspiring restaurant and market is to catch, prepare, and serve the freshest and most sustainably caught seafood. The time between the ocean and the table is kept very short. Product C has four different types of ceviche and even offers local warm water oysters.

Meal service:

Dinner, Lunch


Casual, Family Friendly, Relaxed, Quirky

Tin Jo Asian Restaurant

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Spring Rolls
Tropical Asian flavors | © Marco Verch/Flickr | Marco Verch / Flickr

Tin Jo is a famous Thai, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese restaurant that is also vegetarian and gluten-free friendly. Located in an old colonial mansion in the heart of San José, Tin Jo has come a long way since it opened in the early 70s. Today they are a no-plastic straw establishment that also offers yoga and mediation classes throughout the week and a special candle lit atmosphere on Wednesdays.

Meal service:

Dessert, Lunch, Dinner


Quirky, Family Friendly, Stylish, Romantic, Relaxed

Al Mercat

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From garden to table | © OakleyOriginals/Flickr | OakleyOriginals / Flickr

Al Mercat is one of the most unique and extraordinary restaurants in San José’s gastronomic district of Barrio Escalante. Chef José Pablo González is a graduate from Cordon Bleu in Paris and is an expert at taking Costa Rican staples and turning them into one of a kind rave-worthy creations. Al Mercat even has their own farm, which is where they get a lot of their ingredients from. This is truly a farm-to-table restaurant. The menu changes depending on what is in season in Costa Rica. If you are interested, you can even make a reservation to visit the farm, Finca Al Mercat.

Meal service:

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert


Boutique, Family Friendly, Stylish, Relaxed, Quirky

Café Mundo

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Café Mundo now thrives in what was once an old San José home. This homey establishment is popular amongst the locals and for good reasons, the food is amazing. The menu is eclectic and offers a great spread of international flavors, including exceptional seafood dishes. It has been reported that local celebrities also frequent this highly recommended spot.

Meal service:

Dinner, Lunch, Dessert


Casual, Family Friendly, Relaxed, Quirky