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Riding a CheBoards surfboard on this beast of a wave | © CheBoards
Riding a CheBoards surfboard on this beast of a wave | © CheBoards

Surf- and Ocean-Inspired Art in Costa Rica

Picture of Jenn Parker
Updated: 5 May 2017

Costa Rica is an artist’s muse. Her lush jungles drip with cloud dew; the harmonious animal choir  brings the airwaves to life against electric sunsets; the deep turquoise seas kiss the white, black, and shell-laced beaches; the colorful and cordial culture of the Costa Rican people inspires, as does the sense of security and freedom that comes from a country without an army. Costa Rica is a place with inspiration in every nook and cranny. The ocean is the primordial birthplace of all animal life on earth and the source of creativity for some who find a deeper connection to it.

There are artists in Costa Rica who pay homage to this source through their art. The following artists either live in Costa Rica full-time, part-time, or have spent a significant period of time living there. Words can not properly describe the talent here, but photographs of some of their work will do just the trick. 

Maria Soledad de la Riva

Pura vida vibes | © Maria Soledad de la Riva

Keep your channels open | © Maria Soledad de la Riva

Robb Havassy

In your wildest dreams | © Robb Havassy

The feminine sea | © Robb Havassy

Johnny Coopwood

Inside the artist’s studio | © Johnny Coopwood

A gem in Costa Rica | © Johnny Coopwood

Mind surf | © Johnny Coopwood

David Artavia

Costa Rica dreamscape | © David Artavia

Dancing palms | © David Artavia

Yes please! | © David Artavia

Kathryn Colvig

Deep in a blissful barrel | © Kathryn Colvig

Wedged up | © Kathryn Colvig

EK Art Jewelry

What mermaids wear | © EK Art Jewelry

Fossilized coral found on the beach | © EK Art Jewelry


Fresh sticks | © Cheboards

Fun quiver | © Cheboards

Endless color combinations for your custom board | © Cheboards