11 Reasons You Should Date Someone Who is Well-Traveled

Dating couple | © Wyatt Fisher / Flickr
Dating couple | © Wyatt Fisher / Flickr
Photo of Jenn Parker
1 December 2017

Dating a well-traveled individual can be an adventure in and of itself, and some of the common qualities that world travelers tend to share are also desirable qualities that we often look for in a significant other. If you are looking for the one, or the one right now, maybe you should try dating someone who has seen the world. Here’s why.

They’ll Entertain You

Someone who has travel extensively most likely has an huge repertoire of stories, and their conversation is likely never to be dull. The experiences people have while they are gallivanting around the world tend to be quite interesting, often comical, and occasionally jaw-droppingly shocking.

Never a dull moment | © Rosanetur / Flickr

They’ll Challenge You

A well-traveled individual tends to have a more open-minded and worldly perspective. They have been exposed to different types of cultures, ways of life, and challenging conditions such as poverty, conflict, and varying degrees of sanitation and pollution. They will challenge you to open your eyes to the world outside your comfort zone. They will expose you to situations, both good and bad, that you may have never been aware of otherwise. The more you see, the more you will understand the world around you.

They’ll Keep You on Your Toes

Dating someone who is a wanderlust-junkie will keep you on your toes. Someone who is a traveler at heart is always looking for something or somewhere new to explore, even if it’s right in their backyard. When you date this type of person, you’ll share in the local adventure, and everyone can use a little more excitement in their lives.

They’ll sweep you off your feet | © Rosanetur / Flickr

They’ll Inspire You

After hearing captivating tales of adventure, looking at enthralling photographs of places you’ve only dreamed about, and spending time with someone who has a passion and zest for life and travel, it is likely that they will inspire you to start stepping out into the world, too.

You’ll Have a Travel Partner for Life

You’ll never be short of someone compatible to travel with again. Or at least, for as long as you two are together.

A shared love | © Rosanetur / Flickr

They’re Easygoing

When you’re on the road and on the roam, things don’t always go as planned. Dating a person who understands this makes your life so much easier. Someone who is flexible, easygoing, and capable of going with the flow when plans fall to pieces is a real gem and someone you should hold onto for as long as you can. Think of all the conflict and arguments you will avoid if you are with someone who can roll with the punches.

They’ll Say Yes More Than No

Jet-setters are usually pretty adventurous. They have learned that some of the best opportunities and experiences happened because they said yes, and so they are more likely to say yes with little thought than no with no hesitation.

Yes! | © Saskia Heijlties / Flickr

They’ll Make You Reevaluate Your Priorities

Someone who is in love with traveling is usually not very materialistic. Their hard-earned savings typically go toward plane tickets and experiences. Dating someone like this might encourage you to make a priority shift. You might start to think a little bit differently about what you spend your money on when you date someone whose priority is to get out into the world and see and do as much as possible.

They’ll Bring the World to You

A well-traveled person often brings the world back with them in the form of recipes, libations, rituals, traditions, music, and art. When you date a traveler, you’ll probably end up eating new foods, drinking new beverages, listening to new music, and trying other things that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Wine from someone else in the world | © Rosanetur / Flickr

They’re Independent

A true traveler isn’t typically clingy, needy, and overly dependent. They’ve set off into the world alone, solved their own challenges, funded their own journeys, and have made it back alive each time to tell a new tale.

They’re Not Like Everyone Else

Someone who has traveled a lot has learned a lot. Through traveling, you learns a lot of valuable lessons about life, the world around you, and yourself. A cosmopolitan individual doesn’t take life for granted. Through the experience of travel, you learn to be gracious, patient, compassionate, introspective, perceptive, and mindful, all of which are excellent qualities in a significant other.

Lovers for life | © Rosanetur / Flickr

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