Find Effortless Zen on Pine Cay, a Caribbean Private Island

The Meridian Club pool
The Meridian Club pool | Courtesy Esme Benjamin
Photo of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor30 April 2018

The most luxurious thing about The Meridian Club isn’t the pretty beachfront rooms with their driftwood palette (although they are certainly luxurious), it’s the deep sense of chill you experience during your stay.

If you live in a populous concrete city, Pine Cay is as foreign as it gets: 800 acres of lush, unruly flora with a halo of silvery sand. Part of the Turks and Caicos archipelago, this small private island is owned by a co-op of wealthy individuals who each own a home (38 total), and in the 1970s opened the sole resort on Pine Cay: The Meridian Club.

Devil's Cut, Pine Cay | Courtesy Esme Benjamin

With 14 guest residences, the resort is quiet even when it’s full to capacity. Nobody wakes up early to reserve a coveted poolside spot with a towel and a book. Down on the beach you’ll find a single line of loungers and thatched umbrellas generously spaced between tufts of dune shrub. There are no competing bar sound systems, no jet skis, no pushy hawkers, and no bachelor parties—and your nervous system recognizes this instantly.

Pre-urbanization—a relatively recent development in the history of humankind—we evolved in an environment of soft, natural sounds. Noise pollution impacts us regardless of how practiced we may be at blocking it out; raising our heart rate and blood pressure, inhibiting concentration, and disrupting sleep. When you enter a quiet environment like Pine Cay, that low-level stress evaporates.

Beachfront Cottage | © The Meridian Club

The Meridian Club is purposefully free of noisy, distracting technology like in-room TVs and phones (WiFi, though, is mercifully fast and uninterrupted). Here, nature is the primary form of entertainment. The island’s interior is veined with sandy roads where iguanas and kaleidoscopic caterpillars are the primary pedestrians. Small wooden signs direct explorers in electric golf cars to The Devil’s Cut and The Aquarium—secluded coves where stingrays and turtles swim right up to the shore, emboldened by the absence of humans.

One of Pine Cay’s many charms is the way it removes superfluous options. The only decisions you need to make are things like, which beach should I explore today? would I prefer a poolside lounger or a beach one? fishing or snorkeling? When you’re not trying to make a million small decisions each day, your brain can rest.

Private beach at the Meridian Club | Courtesy Esme Benjamin

Starting at $895 per night for a seven-night, all-inclusive stay, The Meridian Club is definitely not for those with a tight travel budget. But if maximum relaxation is your goal, the splurge is worth it.

The thing that sets Pine Cay and The Meridian Club apart from other paradisal Caribbean locations is the way the peace and simplicity of the environment creates peace and simplicity inside your mind. And surely that—a vacation from your everyday stresses and worries as well as your everyday routines—is the holiday holy grail.

*Travel and accommodation provided by The Meridian Club.

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