What To Do in Trinidad and Tobago: Top 10 Destinations

Fruit trader selling bananas and fruit, Trinadad and Tobago
Fruit trader selling bananas and fruit, Trinadad and Tobago | © Peter Leask / Alamy Stock Photo
Pristine beaches and lush forests balanced with historical landmarks and art venues make up an intriguing mix of treasures waiting to be found. Consisting of two main and several smaller sun-kissed islands, Trinidad & Tobago is located at the southernmost end of the Caribbean. Although most people have heard of the exciting carnival — the greatest show worldwide — a rich culture and amazing natural wonders give you many more reasons to put it first in your destination list. Read our guide to find out what you shouldn’t miss.

Maracas Beach

Natural Feature
Maracas Beach Trinidad
Maracas Beach Trinidad | © kolvenbach / Alamy Stock Photo
One of the most well known beaches in the island of Trinidad, Maracas is protected by a deep crescent-curved bay. Located on the north side, it lies at the end of a scenic mountain drive from Port of Spain drawing dozens or even hundreds of visitors every day. If you’re looking for more peace and quiet, the nearby beaches make great alternatives. Once you reach this palm-fringed strip of golden sand, enjoy the sun on the shore, take a refreshing swim in the sea, paddle in the blue-green waves or choose a more adventurous activity. Whatever you do, don’t forget to visit one of the several stands and try out bake and shark, the local delicacy.
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Argyle Waterfalls

Natural Feature
Argyle Falls, Trinidad and Tobago
Argyle Falls, Trinidad and Tobago | © ICW / Shutterstock
A breathtaking drive from Tobago’s capital you will find the Main Ridge reserve through which a short hike will lead you to Argyle River and its multi-tiered waterfall. Take a tour to learn about the rich flora and fauna of the surrounding area and take some time to feel the serene, healing power of the water
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La Brea Pitch Lake

Natural Feature
Surrounded by a veil of mystery with numerous local legends, this is the largest natural asphalt lake in the whole world, the others being the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles and Lake Guanoco in Venezuela. Beside the village of La Brea, the Pitch Lake has long been attracting scientists and visitors alike for various reasons. Walk on the semisolid surface, visit the small museum that hosts Amerindian artifacts, fossilized remains and other items uncovered from the lake, take a guided tour to learn about the geological history of the place and swim in the natural springs with high levels of sulfur for its healing properties.
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Tobago Forest Reserve

Monkey apples in the Tobago Rainforest Reserve, Trinidad and Tobago
Monkey apples in the Tobago Rainforest Reserve, Trinidad and Tobago | © Josef Stemeseder / Shutterstock
Being the oldest protected rainforest in the Western hemisphere dating back to 1776, the Main Ridge Forest Reserve is home to a great number of flora and fauna from rare bird species such as the White-tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird to mammals, lizards and snakes. Get in touch with the majesty of our natural world and discover Tobago’s unique biodiversity.
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Temple in the Sea

Hindu Temple
Εven though Trinidad is filled with hundreds of religious sites, only one is a floating marvel. The Waterloo coastal temple was build out of necessity by Sewdass Sadhu after the original was razed to the ground by the government. A tiny symbol of huge persistence and pure love is an octagonal-shaped colorful structure surrounded by lanky flags and linked to the mainland through a walkway. To this day, Hindu devotees use it for worship and religious ceremonies. Remove your footwear and enter it with respect to get a better look at the painted marble and stone deities.
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Queen’s Park Savannah

Park, Zoo
Football Practice in Queens Park Savannah, Trinidad
Football Practice in Queens Park Savannah, Trinidad | © dbimages / Alamy Stock Photo
This is Port of Spain’s largest open recreational space and the center stage for the popular Carnival. Covered with low grass and lined with impressive trees, Queen’s Park Savannah is beloved by sports enthusiasts, families and couples who bring it to life on afternoons and weekends. Whether you want to indulge in the sumptuous local food served by street vendors, admire the striking architecture or spend time in nature, the park itself along with the surrounding attractions such as the Botanic Gardens, the Zoo and the Magnificent Seven make up the ideal spot.
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Asa Wright Nature Centre

Clearwater Pool on grounds of Asa Wright Nature Centre, Arima Valley, Trinidad
Clearwater Pool on grounds of Asa Wright Nature Centre, Arima Valley, Trinidad | © Judy Bellah / Alamy Stock Photo
Buried deep among mountains in the dense rainforest, Asa Wright Nature Center is a small park created to conserve part of the Arima Valley. Well known for its amazing diversity in animal and plant species, AWNC is a leader in ecotourism while at the same time promoting education and research in every possible way. Explore this paradise for birdwatchers and stay overnight at the lodge for more adventure.
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Caroni Swamp & Bird Sanctuary

A guided boat tour through the Caroni Swamp, Trinidad
A guided boat tour through the Caroni Swamp, Trinidad | © John de la Bastide / Alamy Stock Photo
If the Asa Wright Nature Center wasn’t enough, we have some good news for you. Caroni Swamp & Bird Sanctuary is a nesting site of many types of birds and home to numerous species of wildlife. Join a tour for a guided boat trip and spot Scarlet Ibis, the spectacular flame-colored birds, as they descend on the trees in large flocks.
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Nylon Pool

Park, Swimming Pool
Situated off Pigeon Point beach, the Nylon Pool is a natural, crystal clear swimming pool with a sandy bottom in the middle of the ocean. Also known as the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, it is considered the best beach on Tobago, able to rejuvenate anyone lucky enough to swim in it.
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Fort King George

Fort King George Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Fort King George Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago | © V. Dorosz / Alamy Stock Photo
Built by the British in the 1700s, Fort King George sits high above the capital of Scarborough and is the ideal place to catch a glimpse of Tobago’s colonial history. View the silent cannons and restored buildings or gaze over the city and the ocean before you visit the worthy Tobago Museum, open from Monday to Friday 9.30am-4.30pm, which displays an impressive collection of Amerindian artifacts, old maps and military relics.
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These recommendations were updated on February 11, 2019 to keep your travel plans fresh.