11 Travel Photographers Who Capture the Serenity of the Bahamas

Bahams beach, by Alessandro Sarno | © Alessandro Sarno
Bahams beach, by Alessandro Sarno | © Alessandro Sarno
Photo of Sheri-kae McLeod
Freelance Caribbean Writer11 January 2018

It is a photographer’s job to capture the beauty and rawness of the world around them. Local and foreign photographers alike tour the islands throughout The Bahamas to capture stunning scenery, special events and unique moments. Here are 11 photographers who have captured some of the most beautiful images of The Bahamas.

Alessandro Sarno

The ‘Lonesome Photographer’, Alessandro Sarno, finds his inspiration for photography and life by travelling the islands of The Bahamas. The Italian-born photographer and writer is drawn to the culture, beauty and people of The Bahamas and has created various exhibitions and photo series inspired by the island. His alias is inspired by the novel Lonesome Traveler by Jack Kerouac. Alessandro also has a website dedicated to The Bahamas.

Photo by Alessandro Sarno | © http://www.thelonesomephotographer.com/

Daniel Korzeniewski

Argentina native Daniel Korzeniewski got into photography as a teenager, thanks to his father, and was immediately hooked on the craft. At a time when digital photography did not yet exist in Buenos Aires, Daniel joined a local photography club to learn the basics. Since then he has mastered his craft and travelled the world, shooting stock photography, doing lifestyle campaigns, travel features and much more. After more than 20 years behind the camera, Daniel is still in love with capturing the essence of places and the soul and beauty of people.

View of beach and ocean in Nassau, Bahamas | © Daniel Korzeniewski

Allan Jones

Allan Jones is a 27-year-old local photographer specialising in reportage photography, fashion portraits and fine art. The lover of art and science found a way to enjoy the best of both worlds through photography. After buying his first camera, he initially only wanted to capture his friends and family, but the thrill of being behind the camera sparked a creative passion that has led him to capturing the world around him.

Photo by Allan Jones | © Allen Jones

Alex Galiano

Alex Galiano considers himself to be one of the luckiest people alive, being able to make a living from his favourite hobby. He discovered his life passion for travel photography after buying his first digital camera 10 years ago, and has yet to put down the camera. Somewhere between travelling to more than 140 cities in 40 countries, Alex found time to make a Google+ profile to share his images and the travel stories behind them.

Paradise Island Lighthouse | © Alex Galiano / http://www.alexgaliano.com/

Gaby Rguez

Gaby Rguez, also known as ‘The Bahamas Photographer’, was born in Cuba but moved to The Bahamas a little over five years ago. Enchanted by the beauty of The Bahamas, Gaby wanted to capture everything and decided to buy her first camera. She first ventured into fashion photography, then discovered travel and underwater photography and, since then, has become one of the most popular photographers in The Bahamas. Gaby also does bridal and wedding shoots and has created her own photo filters and effects that are available for purchase online.

Aerial photo, Bahamas | © Gaby Rguez

Blair Meadows

Blair Meadows is a 26-year-old Bahamian visual artist who draws inspiration from sonics, colours, and textures. She categorises herself as a multidisciplinary artist, enjoying painting and other forms of art, but noted that photography had always been at the forefront for her. Blair earned her BFA in Photography at The Savannah College of Art & Design in 2013 and has been capturing the beautiful people and scenery of The Bahamas ever since.

Eleuthera, Bahamas | © Blair Meadows

Paola Roldan

Paola Roldan was raised in Florida by a waterman father and an Olympic swimmer mother. As her parents both worked in the water, Paola of course fell in love with the ocean. As she grew older, her passion for photography and videography grew, and she later found a way to combine her passions with underwater, surf, and marine-life photography. Paola is an FAA-certified drone pilot for aerial photo and video shooting, and spends her time travelling and sailing the Caribbean with her family.

Underwate photography | © Paola Roldan

Rashad Penn

Rashad Penn is a Bahamian photographer, born and raised in Nassau. He was introduced to photography by his father at a very tender age and soon became obsessed with cameras and capturing images. His official photography training came from the New York Institute of Photography, where he learned to master his craft. As one of the best photographers in The Bahamas, Rashad has travelled the world and shot for various international magazines. Although he specialises in different types of photography, including food and real estate, he admits that his true passion is fine art seascape photography.

Delaport rocky beach, Bahamas | © Rashad Penn Photography / https://www.rashadpennphotography.com/

André Musgrove

Freelance underwater photographer and videographer André Musgrove has spent more than half his life freediving and spearfishing in the beautiful Bahamian waters. The scuba instructor wanted to share his underwater adventures with others and thus his photography career began. André captures the majority of his underwater content by freediving, which gives him the opportunity to explore the seas and interact with beautiful Bahamian sea creatures.

Underwater photo featuring @_bahamasgirl_ and @david_langloiss | © Andre Musgrave

Gary Francis Jr

For 29-year-old Gary Francis Jr, photography was always a hobby, but the true passion for life behind the camera wasn’t sparked until a few years ago. Since then, he has mastered many kinds of photography, including portraits, fashion photography, weddings and christenings and, more recently, landscapes and sunsets. Gary says that his favourite part of photography is capturing the beauty of things we see every day but take for granted.

Southern sunrise at South Beach, Bahamas | © Gary Francis Jr

Andre Sheppard

Andre Sheppard is a Bahamian photographer, artist and the creative mind behind Vizual Poetry Photography. Sheppard has been pursuing his passion professionally for the last 10 years. Inspired by the everyday beauty of The Bahamas and its people, Andre has spent his career capturing weddings, christenings, portraits and, of course, the spectacular island that he calls home.

Rainbow over Bahamar | © Andre Sheppard / Vizual Poetry Photography

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