10 Unique Souvenirs to Pick Up in the Bahamas

Statue monkey coconut sculpture ©  Santhosh Varghese/Shutterstock
Statue monkey coconut sculpture © Santhosh Varghese/Shutterstock
Photo of Sheri-kae McLeod
Freelance Caribbean Writer2 January 2018

Shopping in The Bahamas is one of the most fun ways to spend free time while visiting the spectacular islands. What better way to hang on to your amazing Bahamian memories than with special tokens you can buy on the islands? From interesting jewellery, sculptures and carvings, The Bahamas have some of the most unique souvenirs.

Conch Shell Jewellery

Conch is much more than just one of the most popular foods in The Bahamas. Its pale pink shell along with the rare pearls found inside are polished and crafted into jewellery sold in many souvenir shops and stores across the islands. Pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings are available in many styles for men and women.

Homemade Jams and Jellies

This delicious Bahamian cuisine will make you want to take a taste of The Bahamas home with you. In the local food and supermarkets, you will find jars of tropical-flavoured jams and jellies. Guava jelly and pineapple jam are among the flavours Bahamians most love.

Homemade Jam | © Pixabay

Junkanoo Art

The Junkanoo carnival is the most anticipated national celebration in The Bahamas. The streets are decorated with people wearing vibrant costumes, headdresses and masks during the parade. Memorabilia from the carnival is replicated and sold in gift shops across the islands all year. You’ll also find Junkanoo-themed paintings, ornaments, jewellery and much more.

Junkanoo in Bahamas | © Cathy T/Flickr

Wood Carvings

Handcrafted wood carvings are sold in markets and gift shops across the island. In the markets, especially, vendors make and sell various carved ornaments and useful items, such as carved bowls or decorative items in the shape of marine creatures found in Bahamian waters.

Wood carvings | © Pixabay

Bahamian Doll

This local handicraft makes the perfect gift for children and can be used as charming decorations around the house. Along with the popular straw and rag dolls, pine-seed dolls, made from the native Bahamian pine tree, are also sold in the markets. Each kind of doll is crafted, painted and decorated uniquely.

Bahamian rag doll | © https://www.terapeak.com


The brightly coloured batik fabric is used to make clothing, table linens and accessories and are found in almost every classic Bahamian household. The fabric is sold by the yard in markets across the island, especially in Andros.

Batik fabric | © Nazir Amin/Flickr

Straw Goods

At Nassau Straw Market and the Port Lucaya Marketplace, you’ll find some of the largest selections of straw items anywhere in The Bahamas. Straw vendors in The Bahamas make a range of products including baskets, hats, purses and so much more. Pick up a colourful wide straw hat to shelter from the blazing Bahamian sun, or grab a cute customised purse to carry around.

Conch Shell Bowls and Spoons

The conch shell is one of the multifunctional gems of the sea. Craftsmen in The Bahamas have found ways to polish and paint the shells to create conch shell serving bowls with matching spoons. These items are among the most interesting for guests and can also be used as decoration in your home.

Coconut Sculptures

Artisans in the Bahamas carve the husks of coconuts to create unique pieces that resemble various animals, sea creatures and other ornaments. These sculptures make the perfect stand-out item in your home.

Statue monkey coconut sculpture | © Santhosh Varghese/Shutterstock

Fish Scale Jewellery

Jewellery makers and craftsmen in the Bahamas create a wide selection of beautiful accessories with pendants and charms that mimic the scales of a fish. These accessories include bracelets, necklaces and rings and are sold in gift shops across the island, as well as in the Bahamian craft markets.

Fish scale necklace | © Aquariums Unlimited

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