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Galeria Botello | © Paul Sableman/ Flickr
Galeria Botello | © Paul Sableman/ Flickr
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Top Art Galleries in Puerto Rico

Picture of Mariela Santos
Updated: 6 May 2017
The top art galleries in Puerto Rico have plenty of works to excite art enthusiasts. Located all over the island, the following galleries are certainly worth the visit. Explore Puerto Rico’s art scene and see for yourself why these galleries are not to be missed.
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Pamil Fine Art Gallery

A contemporary art gallery in San Juan, Pamil has artwork representing different mediums like paintings, ceramics, and photography. There is currently an exhibition at the gallery by Cristina Córdova, that mixes drawings with sculptures and runs until the end of May. In addition, the gallery offers a variety of services such as artwork restoration, custom framing, and resale evaluations. Artists whose work is featured in the gallery include Annette Turrillo, Gilbert Salinas, Omar Medina, Julia Rivera and Yelyn Vivoni. For those interested, the gallery website has artwork on display along with pricing details.

Pamil Fine Arts, 1897 Av. Glasgow, San Juan, 00921, Puerto Rico +1 787-756-6831

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Galeria Petrus

Opened in 1997, Petrus Gallery is home to contemporary artwork and located in Santurce, an area with a strong arts scene in San Juan. Sylvia Villafañe is the owner, founder and director. Among the artists featured at the gallery are: Antonio Martorell, Lorna Otero, Werner Segarra, and José “Cheo” López.

Galeria Petrus, 726 Hoare St., San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico + 1 787-289-0505

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Biaggi Faure Fine Art Gallery

Open since 1989 by founders and directors Gail Biaggi and Carlos Faure, the gallery exhibits modern and contemporary fine art. Located in San Juan, artwork exhibited includes paintings, sculpture and ceramics. Some of the artists currently featured are Samuel Ruiz, Olga Albizu, Luis Torruella, and Margarita Marini.

Biaggi Faure Fine Art Gallery, 1035 Av. Jesus T. Piñero, San Juan, 00921, Puerto Rico +1 787 277-2783

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Walter Otero Contemporary Art Gallery

Walter Otero, the founder of this Old San Juan contemporary art gallery, has been involved with the arts for about 15 years. Many artworks exhibited at his gallery have been created by respected artists such as Allora y Calzadilla, Arnaldo Roche, Osvaldo Budet and Luis Vidal. Otero himself has worked with museums internationally and in Puerto Rico, and as the gallery’s website says, hopes to positively influence the island’s art development with the gallery.

Walter Otero Contemporary Art Gallery, 402 Av. Juan Ponce de Leon, San Juan, 00906, Puerto Rico +1 787 998-9622

Glass art | © Ellen Forsyth/ Flickr

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Siddhia Hutchinson | Glen Wielgus Fine Art Gallery

This art gallery on the island of Vieques, which is co-owned by Siddhia Hutchinson and Glen Wielgus, focuses on artwork that is Caribbean-influenced. Visitors can view works by the likes of Sarah Cook, Bernardo Medina, and Caleb Stone, in addition to the two co-founders. The Hutchinson and Wielgus gallery has jewely, paintings, and prints among its diverse catalog. Check the gallery’s website to find out about when they’re offering classes.

Siddhia Hutchinson Glen Wielgus Fine Art Gallery, CII Munoz Rivera, Vieques, 00765, Puerto Rico +1 787 741-1343

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Galeria Botello

Galeria Botello displays art works by internationally known artists, including paintings, ceramics and carved santos. The gallery, which is found in Old San Juan, also has pieces by Angel Botello. Set in the capital city’s historic district, the path to Galeria Botello is walkable and easily accessible.

Galeria Botello, 208 Christ St., San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico +1 787 723-9987