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Puerto Rican art exhibit © U.S. Department of Education/ Flickr
Puerto Rican art exhibit © U.S. Department of Education/ Flickr
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The Top Art Galleries in San Juan To Visit

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Updated: 2 June 2017
Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, has an emerging art scene, and art galleries are an important part of the city’s artsy environment. Visitors and art lovers should definitely check out the following galleries and the many pieces they exhibit. Hosting some of the top exhibitions in the city, these galleries are among the best in San Juan.
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Galería Botello

Located in Old San Juan, the capital city’s historic district, Galería Botello – named for Angel Botello – is close to La Fortaleza (the Governor’s mansion) and the San Juan Cathedral. Sculptures, carved santos, and paintings by the Spanish artist are some of the artworks that are available at the gallery. To see images of his pieces, head on over to Galeria Botello’s Instagram account.

Galería Botello, 208 Calle del Cristo, San Juan, Puerto Rico, +1 787 723 9987

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A Cueto Gallery

Opened by interior decorator Alicia Cueto, her husband Arnaldo, and son Alberto, A Cueto Gallery offers framing, art hanging, art packaging and shipping, among other services. Artists whose works appear in the gallery include Irma Sanabria, Orlando Vallejo, Agustin De Andino, and Gladys Nieves. Take a look at examples of artwork from this gallery, which was founded in 1986, on Instagram.

A Cueto Gallery, 531 Escorial Ave., Caparra Heights, San Juan, Puerto Rico, +1 787 781 7952

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Walter Otero Contemporary Art

Stop by the Walter Otero Contemporary Art gallery to see artwork by the likes of Allora & Calzadilla, Livia Ortiz, Osvaldo Budet and Rafael Vega, in addition to other artists. This three-floor art gallery is located in Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, and was designed by Luis Gutiérrez and Pedro Muñoz Marín. Gallery founder Walter Otero has been active in art for more than a decade, and he’s collaborated with The Puerto Rico Art Museum, Ponce Art Museum, and Panama Contemporary Art Museum, among others.

Walter Otero Contemporary Art, 402 Juan Ponce de Leon Ave., San Juan, Puerto Rico, +1 787 998 9622

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El Local

This is an arts and live music venue located in Santurce, San Juan, an area known for its street art. Overall, the vibe at El Local is casual, and in addition to the arts space there’s also a dive bar. Check out their updates on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know about their events.

El Local, 1425 Manuel Fernández Juncos Ave., San Juan, Puerto Rico, +1 787 203 8249

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Pamil Fine Art

Pamil Fine Art is home to contemporary art from artists such as Omar Medina, Julia Rivera, Luis Ivorra, and Roberto Moya, to name a few painters. There are also pieces in other mediums like ceramics, serigraphy, and photography, from different artists. According to the gallery’s website, services include installation services, worldwide shipping, and custom framing, among others.

Pamil Fine Art, 1897 Glasgow Ave., San Juan, Puerto Rico, +1 787 756 6831

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Roberto Paradise

Artists whose work can be found at the Roberto Paradise art gallery include Kuniklo, Melissa Brown, Caroline Wells Chandler, and Freddie Mercado, to name a few. The gallery has been present at diverse fairs like Dallas Art Fair, EXPO CHGO, and Art Cologne. If you want to know more about this space and the artists exhibited here, visit the gallery’s Instagram.

Roberto Paradise, 802 Robert H. Todd Ave., San Juan, Puerto Rico, +1 787 429 4887

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Galeria Petrus

Opened and directed by Sylvia Villafañe since 1997, Galeria Petrus houses pieces by artists such as Antonio Martorell, Marta Pérez, and Carlos Davila Rinaldi. Past exhibitions or events have included Arte @Plaza, Red Velvet, Welcome Orange, 1800 Colectiva and outdoor live painting. To see more from Galeria Petrus, go to Instagram and Facebook.

Galeria Petrus, 726 Calle Hoare, San Juan, Puerto Rico, +1 787 289 0505

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Biaggi Faure Fine Art

Founded in 1989 by Gail Biaggi and Carlos Faure, the focus of the gallery is in modern and contemporary fine art. Services offered by Biaggi Faure Fine Art gallery include custom framing, art planning and installation, and restoration. The artwork exhibited at the gallery comes from painters, sculptors, photographers, and artists like Olga Albizu, Jaime Romano, Ricardo Rodríguez, and Margarita Marini. Artwork can be seen on their Instagram account.

Biaggi Faure Fine Art, 1035 Jesus T. Pinero Ave., San Juan, Puerto Rico, +1 787 277 2783