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10 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In San Juan, Puerto Rico

10 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Updated: 18 October 2016
A cup of coffee will not cut it for breakfast when you’re in Puerto Rico. Here is a list of restaurants where you’ll find the best pancakes, quesitos and eggs Benedict in San Juan.


Kasalta is beloved by many locals and is a great place to have your weekend brunches. It’s a few blocks from the beach and many people say it has some of the best coffee around. In addition to the variety of pastries, great coffee and toasted breakfast sandwiches, you can also try the caldo gallego or the octopus salad while you’re there.


Kasalta, 1966 Calle McLeary, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 787 727 7340

Edith’s Café

A a hidden spot in Isla Verde, Edith’s is open 24 hours and serves those coming in after a long night of partying as well as those just looking to enjoy a classic, tasty breakfast. Aside from the great hours and prices, it’s also just a five-minute walk from all hotels in the area. Whatever you order, just make sure it comes with a side of their delicious plantains.


Edith’s Café , 6375 Calle Isla Verde, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico +1 787 253 1281



At Caficultura breakfast is served all day. Black glass chandeliers hang from the high ceilings and marble floors make your morning meal feel a lot more exquisite. Breakfast options range from the usual breakfast sandwiches to local creations like banana pancakes with rum. A window seat is an added bonus to this experience.


Caficultura, 401 San Francisco Street, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 787 723 7731




Brunch at Blonda could very well be one of your best experiences in Puerto Rico. The Blonda breakfast includes eggs Benedict, French toast, house fries, pancakes and bacon, but the chicken pasta penne is equally good. Just make sure you save room for the brioche bread pudding as dessert.


Blonda, 1504 Ashford Avenue, Condado, Puerto Rico +1 787 993 5710


Café Berlin

With a great view of the Plaza Colón, and street musicians strolling by from time to time, Café Berlin supplies an extra-sensory meal experience. The menu is made up of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items in addition to a muesli energy bar. Try the Mama Judith Flancocho if you’re hungry enough for dessert.


Café Berlin, 407 Calle San Francisco, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 787 722 5205

Café del Angel

Be prepared to be full for half of the day when you visit Café del Angel for brunch. you’ll still find Puerto Rican classics like pastel and mofongo to eat here at very reasonable prices.


Café del Angel, 1106 Ave Dr Ashford, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 787 643 7594


Café Marquesa

The only problem with Café Marquesa is figuring out what to order first. The egg tortilla is filled with the freshest vegetables and best potatoes, The Sarah a.k.a. red velvet pancakes are sweet and very satisfying and a cappuccino tops off the perfect meal. You can’t lose at Café Marquesa.


Café Marquesa, 110 Calle Del Parque, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 787 545 2621


Cafetería Los Yeyos

If everyone in Viejo knows to visit this little cafe then so should you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are reminiscent of family meals  and everything that you order for breakfast comes at a great steal price-wise. The mofongo is some of the best on the island, with that real home-cooked touch. Don’t forget to write your name on the wall as you leave, to mark your place in Puerto Rican history.


Cafetería Los Yeyos, 353 Calle San Francisco, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 787 725 9362


Madeleine Cafebistro

With a relaxed atmosphere, outdoor seating and pleasant staff, it’s always a pleasure dining at Madeleine Cafebistro. Waffles are homemade, the pumpkin soup is delicious and the beef sliders keep you coming back for more. The decor is also beautiful and you won’t find many tourists here – it’s a real hidden gem.


Madeleine Cafebistro, Ave. De Diego #89 Villas de San Francisco Suite 104, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 787 763 1285


Pinky’s West

Pinky’s is perfect for those that are health conscious and offers delicious food delivered with great service. A long line at their restaurant might intimidate you at first, but it actually gives you time to figure out what exactly you want to order.


Pinky’s, 1451 Ave Ashford, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 787 222 5222