Everything You Need to Know About San Juan's Emerging Art Scene

Colorful buildings in an Old San Juan street | © Bogdan Migulski/ Flickr
Colorful buildings in an Old San Juan street | © Bogdan Migulski/ Flickr
The capital city of San Juan has much to offer, from the historic to the modern, it’s a vital glimpse into Puerto Rican culture. Of all of the attractions to be explored, its art is a striking element throughout the city. Despite some challenging times, the creation of art remains a constant for San Juan, with an emerging scene that’s rich and varied.

The theater arts

San Juan is an excellent destination for taking in plays, comedies, musicals and many types of theatrical performance. Some of the most popular venues are the Centro de Bellas Artes (Center of Fine Arts), the Del Parque Theater and the Teatro Alejandro Tapia y Rivera. The latter is named after Alejandro Tapia y Rivera, a great Puerto Rican writer and playwright, dating back to the 1800s.

Art museums and galleries

There are numerous museums and galleries that are well worth checking out, such as the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, the Puerto Rico Contemporary Museum of Contemporary Art, C787 Studios, and Espacio 1414, which are all highly recommended. The Walter Otero Contemporary Art gallery also exhibits work from some of the best, up-and-coming contemporary Puerto Rican artists. Events that can be found here include exhibitions, guided tours and educational programs.

Mosaic of the name San Juan © Daniel Oines/ Flickr

Street art in Santurce

For contemporary and colorful street art, Santurce is the must-visit neighborhood within San Juan. While graffiti is prevalent in other locations, Santurce has been turned into the epicenter of street art by local artists and community members. Festivals like Santurce Es Ley and Los Muros Hablan have played an important role in bringing art to public spaces, some of which explores social issues in Puerto Rico. Make sure to check out Calle Cerra and Calle Loiza – your Instagram posts will be all the better for it!

Street art of Ismael Rivera © Angel Xavier Viera-Vargas/ Flickr