6 Contemporary Artists From Puerto Rico You Need on Your Radar

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">The Eyes of Carmen Rosa by Antonio Martorell | © Alan Levine / Flickr</a>
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">The Eyes of Carmen Rosa by Antonio Martorell | © Alan Levine / Flickr</a>
Puerto Rico’s art scene is diverse and thriving, and contemporary art is one of its most notable genres. Don’t let these six talented individuals, all of whose art is available at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico fly under your radar.

Carlos Dávila-Rinaldi

Dávila-Rinaldi‘s art, shaped by the Pop Art and neo-Dadaism movements, explores the mass media and humor. The multi-hyphenate professional identifies as a sculptor, painter, graphic designer, and draftsman.

Nick Quijano

Nick Quijano is a multi-faceted artist whose artwork largely features his life and childhood in Puerto Rico. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico and taught at the Art Students League located in San Juan.

Olga Albizu

Olga Albizu‘s Abstract Expressionism makes her a major figure in the Puerto Rican art scene. A very well-educated painter, Albizu studied at the University of Puerto Rico, the Art Students League in New York, the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

Myritza Castillo

An alum of the University of Puerto Rico and the Complutense University in Madrid, Myritza Castillo creates artworks through photography, painting, videos, and large-scale installations. Castillo’s work has been exhibited internationally, reviewed in a handful of publications, and awarded several art prizes in Spain.

Papo Colo

It’s almost impossible to keep track of all the professions that Papo Colo has worked in: actor, writer, curator, photographer, painter, and graphic designer. Based out of San Juan and New York, his work has won multiple prizes. Topics that his pieces cover include travel and popular culture.

Eduardo Vera Cortés

Originally a cabinetmaker, Eduardo Vera Cortés studied at the Escuela La Esmeralda, Centro Superior de Artes Aplicadas, and Escuela Nacional de las Artes del Libro under artists like Irene Delano and Julio Rosado del Valle to develop his artistry. As a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and illustrator, Vera Cortés created a wealth of socially conscious art, often featuring stray dogs.