4 Must-Visit Festivals in Puerto Rico in 2017

Crowd at the Festival de las Mascaras | © Oscar Rohena / Flickr
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Updated: 3 April 2017
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There are a multitude of festivals every year in Puerto Rico for visitors and locals to attend, centered around different interests. While not all of the festivals are music festivals, they do include live music as part of the entertainment. Mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy these unique events.

Festival de las Flores (Festival of Flowers)

The annual Festival de las Flores takes place in Aibonito, starting on the last Friday in June and going on for a total of 10 days. With origins dating back to the 1950s, the festival is a fun and beautiful environment for visitors. This year, it will run from June 30 to July 9. In addition to the spectacular flowers, there will also be food and entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Festival de Cuatristas y Trovadores

Appropriate for all ages, cuatristas and trovadores compete in the town of Morovis, during the second weekend of July at the Festival de Cuatristas y Trovadores. Cuatristas play the cuatro which is a 10-stringed instrument, considered the “national instrument of Puerto Rico.” Trovadores on the other hand, are lyricists who train for live competition and their strength is in improvisation. They are certainly a sight to behold.

Festival de la Hamaca (Festival of Hammocks)

Last year more than 200 artisans were present at the Festival Nacional de la Hamaca in San Sebastián, where the artisan Luz Neida Pérez Hernández was honored. Founded in 1981, the festival began as a platform to showcase the artisans that make hammocks. According to El Nuevo Día, as time went by other artisans were added as well. Food and live music are also available at this September festival.

Festival de las Mascaras

On the last weekend in December is the Festival de las Mascaras in Hatillo, during the Día de los Santos Inocentes (Innocent Saints Day). At this event a parade takes place in which there are floats and people dress up in unique costumes. The festival’s origins date back centuries.

Last but certainly not least are other must-visit Puerto Rican festivals that have already taken place this year, but that shouldn’t be missed in 2018. Three of those noteworthy gatherings are the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián (San Sebastian Festival) in Old San Juan during mid-January, the Festival del Café (Festival of Coffee) in Yauco in early March, and the Día Nacional de la Salsa (National Salsa Day) in San Juan in mid-March.

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