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Patties | Courtesy of Tastee
Patties | Courtesy of Tastee
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The Best Places For Patties In Kingston

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Across the Caribbean, patties hail as the ultimate street food. Served warm, these delicious savoury, flakey pastry snacks contain a spicy filling of either beef, chicken, lobster, shrimp or vegetable. Yet nowhere understands patties better than Jamaica. Undoubtedly Jamaica’s most popular snack, patties are readily available everywhere morning, noon and night, from gas stations to road-side cook-shops and even the duty free shop at the airport. Here’s where to find the best places for these unmissable treats in Kingston.

Devon House Bakery

Since it opened its doors in 2010, the Devon House Bakery has become synonymous with good patties and cakes. Located in the shaded courtyard at Devon House, the bakery is the perfect place to take five whilst enjoying a patty or two. Choose from a variety of fillings including lobster, shrimp, goat, vegetable, chicken and, as of November 2016, their famous pork patty. This has to be the most scenic place in Kingston to eat. The gardens are beautiful, and there is usually a free bench under one of the trees. If time allows, it is possible to take a guided tour of the main house to work off some that patty lunch.

Devon House Bakery, 26 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica, +1 876 906-9587

Curried goat patties | Courtesy of Devon House Bakery
Curried goat patties | Courtesy of Devon House Bakery

The Brick Oven

The legendary Brick Oven on Hope Road has been selling patties to Kingston’s great and good for the past 25 years. Located just across the road from the Office of the Jamaican Prime Minister, this restaurant has a VIP clientele. It has an impressive daily selection, including the popular beef, lobster and shrimp. However, their chicken patty is famously good and frequently claims to be the best chicken patty in Jamaica. Priced at around $2, these are the ultimate fast food and they don’t compromise on taste. The light, buttery pastry outer,gives way to a spicy, curried chicken breast filling. If a patty isn’t enough to keep you going all day, then they also serve a delectable selection of cakes.

The Brick Oven, 49A Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica, +1 876 946-2153

Best chicken patty in Jamaica | Courtesy of The Brick Oven
Best chicken patty in Jamaica | Courtesy of The Brick Oven

Juici Patties

Now this is real fast food. One of the most popular pattie chains in the country, there’s a Juici Pattie in every parish in Jamaica and it’s the largest fast food chain with over 60 stores across the island. Not content with conquering Jamaica, Juici is now available to buy in Canada and the UK. For Jamaicans not travelling to Canada or the UK, boxes of frozen Juici Patties are even available at Kingston International Airport: probably the tastiest souvenir in the world.

Juici Patties, 31c Constant Spring Road, Kingston, Jamaica, +1 876 908-4553

uici patty and coco bread | Courtesy of Juici patties
Juici patty and coco bread | Courtesy of


The fast food king of the patty. Seeking out a Tastee in Kingston isn’t difficult as there is a branch in most areas of town. As Jamaica’s biggest supplier of patties, they turn out a whopping 150,000 per day, putting smiles on patty lovers’ faces across the island. Jamaicans have a lot of love for the ubiquitous Tastee. With a selection of chicken, beef, vegetable, soy or shrimp costing about a dollar, it’s the ultimate homage to all things patty. In the corporate area of Kingston, there are daily lines of suited office workers waiting for their Tastee fix.

Tastee, 25A Half Way Tree Road, Kingston, Jamaica, +1 876 926-2834

Chicken patty | Courtesy of Tastee
Chicken patty | Courtesy of Tastee


Marketed as the ‘The Great Jamaican Patty Company’, Mothers divides Jamaican patty lovers like no other patty place. Some Jamaicans argue there isn’t enough filling, whilst others say they make the best patties. Either way the curried goat pattie is worth checking out. Mothers is another of the fast food style chains, and even has some drive-through locations.

Mothers, York Plaza, 10, Hagley Park Rd, Kingston, Jamaica, +1 876 926-4650

Jamaican patties and Redstripe | © Ritcharnd Moskowwikicommons
Jamaican patties and Redstripe | © Ritcharnd Moskowwikicommons