How This One Street Hosts Jamaica's Most Eclectic Street Art

Mural by Patasha | © Paint Jamaica
Mural by Patasha | © Paint Jamaica
One of the most popular projects on the Jamaican contemporary art scene is the Paint Jamaica project, which has transformed the once-abandoned Fleet Street in Kingston into the most electric, art-covered street in the city. Learn more about the social street art project and the idea behind it from the founder, Marianna Farag.

CT: What is the story behind the creation of Paint Jamaica?

MF: I was always an avid traveller and a lover of art, so when I visited Jamaica in 2014 I sought out art centres, museums and artists. My search led me to Parade Gardens, an inner-city community in Kingston, where Fleet Street is located. I started to meet a lot of artists, and realised that the art scene here was incredible. Then I thought, “Why don’t we use street art to uplift communities in need?” That’s how the idea came to be.

Art by Taj Francis © Paint Jamaica

CT: When did the project start?

MF: In April 2014, Paint Jamaica was just a thought. The project really didn’t start until July 2014, when we created two projects, each lasting about 10 to 15 days.

Art by Becky Levy © Paint Jamaica

CT: Who are the artists involved in Paint Jamaica?

MF: The murals are created by local professional artists and the residents of Parade Gardens. Taj Francis, Kokab Zohoori-Dossa, Matthew McCarthy, Paige Taylor, Jordanne Brandy and Randy Richards are a few of the artists that have contributed. There are many others.

Fleet Street- Paint Jamaica © MichLan Photo

CT: Are there any plans to expand beyond Fleet Street?

MF: Yes – as well as outside of Jamaica. There is a complete imbalance in the number of artists in Jamaica versus the outlets available to showcase their talents. We’re working on that.

Art by Djet Layne © Paint Jamaica
Art by Patasha © Paint Jamaica

Visit Paint Jamaica’s Facebook page to discover more of the stunning artwork you can find on Fleet Street.