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Port au Prince, Haiti I ©
Blue Skyz Studios/Flickr
Port au Prince, Haiti I © Blue Skyz Studios/Flickr
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Top 10 Brunch Spots In Port Au Prince, Haiti

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Updated: 10 November 2016
With ever-sunny weather and a colorful culture, idyllic landscapes and friendly locals, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti is a popular destination for a Caribbean adventure. For hungry travelers, here are the best places to grab brunch.
Port au Prince, Haiti I © Blue Skyz Studios/Flickr
Port au Prince, Haiti I | © Blue Skyz Studios/Flickr
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Les Jardins du Mupanah

This fine restaurant is located in the back of a museum near the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince. This makes it a very convenient place in which to grab brunch after sightseeing in the late morning. Les Jardins du Mupanah has modern and polished architecture, with seating that affords a splendid view of the gardens outside. Whether you’re in the mood for a tasty salad or some eggs Benedict, this is the place to relax and sample a good meal. The restaurant serves crisp wine too, perfect to complement the lively atmosphere of this location.

Avenue de la Republique, Place des Héroes de l’independance, Champs-de-Mars, Pòtoprens, Haiti +509 48 90 4090

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Located in the popular Petionville neighborhood, Magdoos is a fantastic and vibrant place for grabbing a bite in the late morning. The service at Magdoo’s is excellent, and their food selection is tasteful and classy. It has a menu featuring a colorful variety of Lebanese classics. Diners can sample some delicious and sweet honey sesame chicken, or a light Greek salad with homemade hummus. The appetizers and desserts here are also sure to delight. Don’t miss the dark and rich chocolate brownie a la mode. The ambience at Magdoos is relaxed and airy. If you’re seeking a top tipple to follow your brunch choice, shots of vodka with slices of lemon are extremely popular here.

Berthe, Port-au-Prince, Haiti +509 38 21 2121

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Yanvalou Cafe-Bar-Restaurant

If you need a strong coffee with tasty homemade pastries to kickstart the day, Yanvalou Restaurant should be your first choice for brunch in Port-au-Prince. It’s set in the historic Pacot section of the region, and offers great Cajun and Creole dishes as well as French-style cuisine and delicacies. Along with their colorful cocktails, they regularly host live band performances here. This makes it a vivacious and energetic venue to enjoy a brunch.

+509 43 29 1347

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La Pergola Restaurant

For a taste of Italian cuisine for brunch diners should head east up to Petionville. This is where they’ll find the famed La Pergola Restaurant. This Italian establishment is sure to please with its brunch selections. It offers tasty dishes like baked ravioli and shrimp, as well as angel-bread with strawberries. They know how to mix it up here too, and will sometimes serve a Mexican style taco menu along with tangy margaritas. Bring a good appetite and be prepared for a little culinary adventure as you dine in style at this restaurant.

7 Rue Rigaud, Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti +509 34 62 2050

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Majestic Corner

In Canape-Vert, Port-au-Prince, you’ll find the garden-lounge and bar Majestic Corner. This location serves up delicious hot dogs, burgers and pizza. They mix up their American-style food with Cajun influences here, and sometimes include such exotic dishes as tassot de boeuf, poulet frit and griot de porc. Their brunch plates are served in a festive style, making it a top spot in which to stop for a celebration. The range of meat dishes on offer is hard to beat in the city.

7 Impasse Guercy, Rue Rosa, Canape-Vert, Port-au-Prince, Haiti +509 31 07 0120

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Boukan Bar and Grill

Renowned for its glorious buffets and barbecues, the Boukan Bar and Grill makes for a refreshing brunch stop in Port-au-Prince. Along with their extensive selection of drinks, including local brews and imported beers, the bar and grill will deliver a great culinary experience. There are seafood dishes like poisson gros sel and crab, along with a wide variety of sandwiches and hotdogs. The ambience is relaxed and there is a spacious and airy outdoor seating area too. This is ideal for soaking up that scorching Haitian sun. The interior here features enthralling and vivid red walls.

+509 22 58 6071

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Aztec Mexican Fusion Cuisine and Bar

A hotspot for delicious Mexican fare and brunch specials, the Aztec is a diner’s favorite for Latin food in the region. With an all-inclusive brunch option, the Aztec packs a ton of goodies into all its servings. Diners will find tacos and nachos, fajitas and chicken wings. There is also a selection of quesadillas with various meat bases. Additionally, there are fusion dishes which mix Mexican cuisine with other food styles, an example of which is the Mexitaly lasagna. This is a lasagna dish made with Aztec seasoned beef, jalapeños and enchilada sauce. Pair this with a pitcher of sangria for an excellent brunch.

21A-Bis (2nd floor), Rue Rigaud, Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti +509 36 94 0037

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Pen Dore Fast Food & Bar

Fast food and tasty beer await you at Pen Dore Fast Food & Bar, a Port-au-Prince joint with a laid-back feel and a fantastic view of the bustling street. This is a great brunch option for those looking to get great food fast, and with minimal fuss. The Pen Dore is trendy and serves popular items like the student sandwich, tacos and chicken wings. There is a wide selection of ice-cold beer available here too; cheers to that.

Centre-Ville, Las Cayes, Port-au-Prince, Haiti +509 36 95 9696

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Observatoire Bar & Restaurant

Perched high atop the mountains of Petion-Ville, the Observatoire offers great brunch dishes and cocktails along with spectacular views of the city. With both a full restaurant menu and a bar’s worth of beer and wine selections too, this spot will have you covered whatever you crave for brunch. The atmosphere is cool and refreshing. Plus, the outdoor seating option gives panoramic vistas of Port-au-Prince. You can sip rich and strong cappuccinos while you deliberate over the wide range of tasty Haitian dishes here.

Laboule 12, Route de Boutilier, Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti +509 34 54 0118

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Le Michel Restaurant

The upscale Le Michel Restaurant is located inside one of Petion-Ville’s landmark international hotels, the Best-Western Premiere. It is set upon the hills of Petion-Ville, but still close to the international airport. This restaurant is easily accessible for travelers seeking a quality brunch in the luxury of a leading Haitian hotel. You can expect a very relaxing time here as well as exceptional service. Cosmopolitan delicacies like teriyaki chicken, garden salad and chicken piccata await you, along with a great view of the city down below.

50 Angle Louverture & Geffrard, Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti +263 4 443263