The Best French Restaurants In Port au Prince

Port au Prince | ©lucianf/Flickr
Port au Prince | ©lucianf/Flickr
Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince, has strong European cultural roots. Originally a French colony, the city’s history is entwined with French customs and traditions. One of the most evident displays of French heritage in Port au Prince is the abundance of regional food. From an elegant greenhouse serving French fare to several small cafes, Port au Prince offers numerous choices for delicious Francophone cuisine.
Restautant in Port au Prince ©Elena Heredero/Flickr

Les Jardins du Mupanah

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Centrally located in Port au Prince’s city center, Les Jardins du Mupanah serves some of the city’s best French cuisine. Situated in a greenhouse-type building with expansive windows and a clean white décor, the restaurant makes visitors feel as though they are dining in an outdoor garden, while still enjoying the comforts of the indoors, such as air conditioning. The beautiful restaurant is well known for their French sandwiches on baguettes and savory crêpes.
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La Plantation

Serving Haiti’s locals with delicious French cuisine with some Creole influence, La Plantation is another great option for French food in Port au Prince. Showcasing the city’s diverse culture, La Plantation is a cozy bistro. The ambiance is warm and inviting with French film posters on the walls, wooden accents and an outdoor dining room. Try any of the restaurant’s steak dishes, and pair it with a red wine from their extensive wine list.

Monument for Haiti’s bicentenary ©Stefan Krasowsi/Flickr

Chez Yvane

Chez Yvane is the perfect café to stop by for a French lunch. This casual restaurant is well known amongst Port au Prince’s locals for its friendly service and French-Haitian food staples. The ambiance is relaxed as visitors can choose to sit at one of the wooden booths or at the counter. Don’t miss the grilled steak with peppers and a cream sauce or the shrimp salad – it’s delicious!

Papaye Restaurant

Bar, Restaurant, French, Caribbean, Asian, Fast Food, Vegetarian
This Michelin-starred restaurant is one of the most sophisticated in Port au Prince. Papaye Restaurant is a French culinary haven situated in the Pétionville neighborhood. Some of their highest rated dishes include the seafood ceviche, the duck breast and lamb entrées. Pair these delicious dishes with a wine or champagne from the restaurant’s extensive list and the flavors here are really something to write home about!
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La Souvenance

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Situated in a large French-style decorated house, La Souvenance has been serving French-Creole cuisine since 1988. Although the food is pricey, its quality, freshness and delicious flavors are certainly worth the price tag. Diners can enjoy their meals in one of the restaurant’s multiple and different upscale dining rooms. The restaurant is an ideal choice for special occasions or just a culinary treat while touring Port au Prince.
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