The 5 Best Markets in Port Au Prince, Haiti

A street market in Port-au-Prince © Erin Taylor/Flickr
A street market in Port-au-Prince © Erin Taylor/Flickr
Photo of Sophia Mills Francis
9 February 2017

The capital of Haiti and the largest city Port Au Prince has so many things that you can do. If you are in the area, we recommend some of these artisanal markets and places in which you can buy some interesting and quirky gifts for family and friends. We check out some of the best artisanal markets in Haiti.

A street market in Port-au-Prince | © Erin Taylor/Flickr

Galerie Marassa

A wide range of truly amazing artisanal craftwork is on offer at Galerie Marassa, and the work is incredibly specialized. Everything exhibited either has a slight touch of native Haitian history or a distinguishable contemporary style. From this gallery, you can browse lots of intricate metalwork, creative crafts and mystical vodou flags. Come to Galerie Marassa and see the amazing artizanal work on offer.

17 Rue Lamarre, Pétionville, Port au Prince, Haiti

Comité Artisanat Haïtien

For outstanding metalwork, artisanal stone sculptures and vibrant painted boxes, go to Comité Artisanat Haitien. The artisanal market was established in 1972 and seeks to boost Haitian artwork, crafts and trinkets. It also aims to promote fair wages for its artists and artisans and to aid craftspeople sell their products in Port–au–Prince. It provides an income and reduces the migration from the countryside to the city. If you’re looking for the most creative of goods, visit Comité Artisanat Haitien and claim your artwork.

Moro’s Gallery

The perfect place for tourists and souvenir buyers, Moro’s is a great location for buying keepsakes from Haiti. It is a great artisan gallery filled with trinkets and items for you to remember your stay in this beautiful paradise. Come and see the amazing gifts on offer at this creative space and get buying!

21 Rue du Commerce, Haiti


An exceptionally huge choice of interesting books and magazines, creative French and English language texts and postcards, awaits you if you visit Asterix market, Petion-Ville, Haiti. Pick up a book or two from this book market and discover more about the culture of Haiti as well as its history.

Cnr Rues Grégoire & Ogé, Pétionville, Port au Prince, Haiti

Marche de Fer

For an exceedingly interesting and incredibly diverse range of items and food, go to Marche de Fer which sells a wide range of fabrics, trinkets and memorabilia. This is a exceptionally huge market from which you can buy very creative items such as dolls, clothes, food, art and artifacts. Be sure to grab your items here on the iron market at Marche de Fer as you remember your stay in Haiti.

Rue des Fronts Forts, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
By Sophia Francis