The 5 Best Markets in Santo Domingo

The 5 Best Markets in Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic, and is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean. Whether you’re searching for food, art or clothes, a stroll through the markets of Santo Domingo is a must. The Culture Trip highlights our favourite destinations.

Mercado Modelo

The largest market in the city, Santo Domingo’s Mercado Modelo is the model example of a Caribbean craft market. With countless vendors selling everything from jewellery to liquor and Cuban cigars, this market serves well as a one-stop shop for souvenirs from Santo Domingo. Keep an eye out for special items such as amber necklaces, bracelets and Haitian landscape art.

Opening hours: N/A

Watch out for: handmade Dominican and Haitian finds in the largest Santo Domingo flea market

Mercado Modelo ©Tiago Celestino/Flickr

Merca Santo Domingo

Merca Santo Domingo offers a great opportunity to explore the wide range of fresh produce that this region of the Dominican Republic has to offer. Guests can buy anything, from juicy bananas and colorful pineapples, to fresh bell peppers in vibrant reds, greens and yellows. An abundance of grain is also available, along with fresh meat and poultry. If you’re interested in trying your hand at Dominican cooking, this is the place to get fresh, authentic ingredients to prepare traditional meals.

Opening hours: 6am-6pm Daily

Watch out for: fresh produce, meat, and grain, good for use in Dominican cooking

Merca Santo Domingo ©PresidenciaRD/Flickr

Avenida Duarte Chinese Farmer’s Markets

Avenida Duarte is home to the Chinese barrio, or neighborhood, in Santo Domingo. Effectively a little Chinatown in the middle of Santo Domingo, one of only three in the Caribbean, the various markets and stands on Avenida Duarte give patrons the opportunity to buy authentic Chinese food and commodities. Guests can explore a diverse range of companies including restaurants, jewelry stores and even travel agencies, and the market is set under the iconic Chinese arches which prettily border the city.

Opening hours: N/A

Watch out for: explore one of three Chinatowns in the Caribbean through food and shopping

Avenida Duarte ©Harry Pujols/Flickr

Calle El Conde

Calle El Conde is part of the colonial city of Santo Domingo. The only pedestrian street in the area, it’s the perfect space for vendors to set up shop, and for visitors to take a leisurely stroll through the historic district of the city whilst perusing the Dominican gifts on offer. El conde is brimming with shops and hotels, and onlookers can experience the artistic flare of the Caribbean when walking past the kaleidoscopic hangings and beautiful flowers. The Dominican Republic is renowned for its amber trade, and this is a great place to walk away with a new piece of jewelry from one of the many boutiques.

Opening hours: N/A

Watch out for: historic street in Santo Domingo, filled with shops and hotels

Pulga de Antigüedades

Pulga de Antigüedades is a flea market held on Sundays, set in a small plaza one block north of Parque Colón. If you’re looking for a friendly setting in which to search for some antiques and other handcrafted goods, this is the place to be. Art, items for the home, clothes and even books can be purchased here from a variety of vendors. Be sure to try some of the hot food sold by street vendors almost as soon as you walk in, including tasty meat skewers and chicharrón.

Opening hours: held Sundays

Watch out for: antique and handmade goods

Address: held in a plaza one block north of Parque Colón

Antiques ©Paloma Baytelman/Flickr