Beaches in Dominica You Will Love

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Updated: 9 February 2017
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Known as “the Nature Island of the Caribbean,” Dominica is beloved for its rare beauty and scenic landscapes. While those qualities extend to its shoreline, the island is not particularly known for its beaches, mostly due to the difficulty of accessing them. Nevertheless, there are a few near-deserted golden stretches of sand and lots of rocky black pebbled coasts that will surprise every demanding beach connoisseur. Take a look at our guide to the ones you shouldn’t miss.
Batibou Beach, Dominica


Batibou is a beautiful sheltered bay with some wooden tables to enjoy the sea view. Take some time to chill out at the bar or the hammocks and walk or run along the pristine beach for some peaceful moments.


This is the greatest exception to the island’s rocky beach landscape. A popular weekend spot for locals and visitors alike, Mero is a black sand beach located on the southwest coast, close to Roseau. Spend some time worshiping the sun, take advantage of its warm, calm waters and discover the amenities offered such as the snack bar or the showers.

Address: Saint Joseph Parish, Dominica

Pointe Baptiste

Once a hang-out for pirates, this beach has now become a quiet retreat perfect for relaxing, taking a dip or climbing the impressive rock formations. Point Baptiste is where you will find both white and black sand beaches along with breathtaking views out to the sea including the islands of Guadeloupe, Marie Galante and Les Saintes. Thanks to its few visitors, it is also an ideal spot for lovers.

Address: Calibishie, St. Andrew, Dominica

Hampstead Beach (Dominica)


Although a filming location for Pirates of the Caribbean, this spot is fortunately not overrun with visitors despite its fame. Hampstead looks like a paradise featuring coconut trees and crystalline waters. Feel the atmosphere of your favorite movie, imagine you are Captain Jack Sparrow and take the chance explore the nearby city of Calibishie.

Address: Off Indian Rd., west of Calibishie, Calibishie, St. Andrew, Dominica

Purple Turtle

If you need a beach easier to access, the lively Turtle Bay is a great option. Lined with bars and restaurants, it is a Dominican slice of pristine beauty conveniently located close to Portsmouth and various historical sites. Watch out for the frequent concerts by local reggae bands and the never-ending water sports options.

Address: Portsmouth, Dominica


As the name reveals, Champagne Beach is mostly known for its bubbly waters, creations of the volcanic ocean floor and the reason for the bath-like temperatures. Prepare your snorkel gear and spend more than a day’s swim to explore the diving or snorkeling opportunities which offer some amazing underwater scenery.

Address: Roseau, Dominica

By Maria Menegaki

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