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©Pedro Szekely/Flickr/(CC BY-SA 2.0)
©Pedro Szekely/Flickr/(CC BY-SA 2.0)
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Why Cuba's Government is Providing Sex Motels for Locals

Picture of Nadia Elysse
US Editorial Team Lead
Updated: 4 August 2017
Cuban locals may be taking the term “sex on the beach” a bit too literally, and the government’s hoping to find a way to take the sex off the beach and into private bedrooms.

Havana, Cuba is one of the year’s top travel destinations. However, the locals on the colorful Caribbean island are dealing with a housing crisis that leaves many couples searching streets, parks, and public buildings for a space to get some alone time. The government hopes that by revamping state-run “love motels,” they’ll solve the problem of unsanitary public sex and also drive a little revenue into the area.

“We want to revive this service that is in high demand, has a big social impact and without a doubt is very profitable,” Alfonso Muñoz Chang of the Provincial Housing Company of Havana said, according to Reuters. “We will start with what we call Hotel Vento, a two-story building with 16 rooms with bathrooms.”

Though state-run “posados” were pretty successful in Cuba in the past, they disappeared in the 1990s due to the economic crisis. But, BBC reports, many of the rooms in the newly-opened motels will still be too expensive for the locals who they’re reportedly targeting. The average monthly salary in Cuba is about $29.60. At a rate of five dollars an hour, most wouldn’t be able to afford just one hour a month.

Still, Provincial Housing Company of Havana hopes to start a network of posados that’ll help curb the ongoing issue of public sex, but also bring jobs and much-needed revenue into the city.