These AMAZING Photos Of Cuba Will Give You Severe Wanderlust

Credit: Shtterstock/VTRES
Credit: Shtterstock/VTRES
Photo of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor30 March 2017

Cuba is like a dreamy prince stuffed into a poor man’s pocket: behind those dilapidated shabby chic facades, glitter lingers. Amongst its color-crazy walls exists a world of infectious personality. Think underground hangouts, debauched bars and gritty street food alleys trapped in a never ending time warp of color. In essence, the country has never fully embraced the so-called joys of the modern world but that’s a good thing, especially if you want to give the finger to Western ideals and cultural norms. In Cuba, anything goes – it’s hard to grasp, ever so misunderstood, but above all, a travel classic in all its fabulousness.

Here are 12 photos of Cuba that will give you SERIOUS wanderlust (we sure as hell got it).

Beach trolley anyone?

Credit: Shutterstock/Kamira | © Kamira / Shutterstock

Or, how about a dive into this gorgeous little waterfall…

Credit: Shutterstock/Sergey Uryadnikov | © Sergey Uryadnikov / Shutterstock

Oh, those Havanan cars are just too much…

Credit: Shtterstock/VTRES | © VTRES / Shutterstock

Even their doors are pretty…

Credit: Shutterstock/Kamira | © Kamira / Shutterstock

Cityscapes for days…

Credit: Shutterstock/ffoto29 | ©Ffoto29 / Shutterstock


Credit: Shutterstock/Sabino Parente | © Sabino Parente / Shutterstock


Credit: Shutterstock/Kamira | © Kamira / Shutterstock

Follow the rainbow…

Credit: Shutterstock/ Kamira | © Kamira / Shutterstock

And let’s not even start talking about that dope mountain art…

Credit: Shutterstock/Jorome | © Jorome / Shutterstock

It’s so worth going just to see this gloriously old church…

Credit: Shutterstock/Mariko Matsumura | © Mariko Matsumura / Shutterstock

Literally booking our tickets…

Credit: Shutterstock/West Coast Scapes | © West Coast Scapes / Shutterstock

So we can go and frolic through this amazing forest…

Credit: Shutterstock/Albin Hillert | © Albin Hillert / Shutterstock

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