The Colossal Dreams of Kcho: Cuba's Revolutionary Sculptor

The Colossal Dreams of Kcho: Cuba's Revolutionary Sculptor
The career of Cuban sculptor Alexis Leiva Machado has been truly remarkable, and his astounding body of work continues to impress. He has exhibited worldwide and received various accolades, further enhancing his status as a top international artist. We take a look at his career and recent works.
Kcho © Anteros01 / WikiCommons

Having gained his degree in Painting and Drawing from Cuba’s National School of Art in 1990, and exhibited works globally – in the US, Mexico and Holland – Levia Machado has produced works that are intriguing and fascinating. From ‘Island of My Dreams’ to exhibitions such as ‘The Thinker’ and ‘Final Monument’, the sculptor’s range of work is huge. He has taken part in various exhibitions such as ‘Recent Projects’, alongside sculptors Alejandro Aguilera, Ángel Ricardo Ríos, Osvaldo Yero and many other contributors in Havana, in addition to exhibitions including ‘The Other Shore’.

Levia Machado has achieved such accolades as ‘Artist of the Month’ from the Fine Arts Museum of Cuba and the ‘Prize for the Promotion of Arts’ by UNESCO. His work was featured in the exhibition ‘The Cuban Has Arrived’; solicited by the ex-president and art collector Cesar Gaviria. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Strange Day at the Beach’ and ‘Between Melancholy and the construction of the new man’.

Coluna infinita (1970). Sculpture by Kcho at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, São Paulo. © Dornicke / Wikipedia

The sculptor is known not only for his remarkable works, but also for his social work within Cuba. His art often reflects the dreams of his country’s people, and having received the ‘National Culture’ award from the Ministry of Culture in 1998, his many contributions to Cuban society have been of major importance. He has actively led various successful workshops, which encourage education and innovation amongst children and young teenagers.

The sculptor was chosen to act as deputy of the Popular Power National Assembly, and is an internationally known individual within the art world. His desire to remain in touch with the people who are inspired by his work can be seen in the positive messages that dominate each and every one of his works.