The Best Street Food to Try in Havana, Cuba

Cuban Flag | © Kaufdex / Pixabay
Cuban Flag | © Kaufdex / Pixabay
Photo of Jack Guy
1 November 2017

If you’re on a budget, eating like the locals do is a great way to save money in Havana. There are plenty of different pieces of street food to try, and they’re all super cheap. But cheap doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality. Here then are some of the best street food you can try in Havana.


Plantains feature heavily in Cuban cuisine, and you’ll very quickly find out what tostones are. For the uninitiated, they are flattened pieces of plantain fried until they’re crispy and are eaten like a potato chip, often served with a dip.

Tostones |

Hamburguesa de cerdo

These pork burgers can be had for $1.50 each, and they’re pretty tasty. Topped off with a ring of pineapple or cream cheese and strawberry marmalade, they’re a filling meal.

Pie de coco

For those with a sweet tooth, these little pies are served as a dessert and have shredded coconut baked into them. At $0.15 a pop, they’re a cheap way to get a quick energy boost.

Pizza hawaiana

While many people don’t agree with putting pineapple on pizza, it’s a big deal in Cuba. Individual Hawaiian pizzas are sold on street corners for as little as $0.80.

Batido de guayaba

Guavas are everywhere on the island, and they’re quite often to be found in these milkshakes. Refresh yourself for just $0.15.

Batido de guayaba |

Sandwich de huevo

These basic egg sandwiches are a popular breakfast food when you’re in a hurry. You might need two or three to feel full, but they’re a bargain at $0.60 each.


These deep-fried dough sticks coated in sugar definitely aren’t the healthiest thing around, but they make for a good treat after a meal.

Churros stand |

Chicharitas de platano

These incredibly thin slices of plaintain are fried in oil and sold by the bag at the side of the street. They’re not very filling, but they might keep you going until you can find something more substantial.

Frituras de malanga

This delicious dish is made from taro mixed with egg and crushed garlic, then deep fried. They’re a tasty way to fill a hole while you wander around Havana.

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