The 10 Best Things to See and Do in Cuba

Classic cars are everywhere in Cuba | © BarbeeAnne / Pixabay
Classic cars are everywhere in Cuba | © BarbeeAnne / Pixabay
Cuba is a fascinating place to visit, and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do. Here are 10 of the top choices to help you start writing your bucket list.

Visit the Fábrica de Arte Cubana in Havana

Cuba’s art and music scenes are vibrant, and La Fábrica, as it’s known to locals, is a huge part of that growth. Check out the art exhibitions in the daytime, and come back at night for drinks and dancing in the event space.

La Fábrica de Arte Cubana, Calle 26, Havana, Cuba, +53 7 8382260

Explore musical history in Santiago de Cuba

The second city of Cuba is known for its musical history, and everywhere you look there are reminders of it. Bands play in the streets, bars and community centres, and you can watch musicians play from morning to night if you like.

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Cycle the Viñales Valley

The landscape around Viñales is amazingly beautiful, and cycling gives you the time to really appreciate it. Take your bike to Cueva del Indio, a cavern with a subterranean river, or cycle up to Hotel los Jazmines for a dip in the pool.

Viñales Valley, Viñales, Cuba

Marvel at the Camera Obscura in Havana

Get an alternative view of the Cuban capital at the Camera Obscura, a device invented by Leonardo Da Vinci that gives a 360-degree panoramic view of Old Havana.

Camera Obscura, Edificio Gómez Vila, Plaza Vieja, Mercaderes y Teniente Rey, Mercaderes, Havana, Cuba, +53 7 8621801

Ride the Hershey Train

This old railway runs from Casa Blanca to Matanzas along the northern coast of Cuba. Originally built to transport sugar cane for the old Hershey chocolate factory, these days it’s a lifeline for residents and a curious attraction for tourists.

Check out Che Guevara’s final resting place

The remains of the revolutionary hero lie in an impressive mausoleum in the central city of Santa Clara, and the accompanying museum is a fascinating look at the life of one of the most recognisable figures in world history.

Che Guevara Mausoleum, Santa Clara, Cuba, +53 42 205878

Get around the island on two wheels

Cuban roads are incredibly quiet, which makes them a great place for cyclists or motorcyclists. For shorter trips, a bicycle is a great way to see the island, but motorbikes are better for longer distances. Che Guevara’s youngest son runs motorbike tours on Harley-Davidsons through his company, La Poderosa Tours.

Hop into a classic car

A trip to Cuba wouldn’t be complete without taking a ride in one of the old classic cars that are still used across the island to this day. The most iconic trip is a run along the seawall in Havana, but you’ll find old classics working as humble taxis throughout the country.

Classic cars are everywhere in Cuba © BarbeeAnne / Pixabay

Explore the Sierra Maestra

This impressive mountain range became a crucial part of Cuban revolutionary history after sheltering Fidel Castro and the rebels from government forces. Today you can visit the Comandancia de la Plata, where the revolutionaries camped out before advancing across the country.

Comandancia de la Plata, Bartolome Maso, Cuba

Dive below the waves

The Caribbean Sea surrounds Cuba, and there are plenty of opportunities to get into the water. Diving and snorkelling are popular at the Bay of Pigs and Maria la Gorda, known for their calm waters and located on the south end of the island.

The Caribbean is great for all kinds of watersports © xoracio