The Best Restaurants in Road Town, British Virgin Islands

Enjoy a wide variety of cuisine in Road Town, British Virgin Islands
Enjoy a wide variety of cuisine in Road Town, British Virgin Islands | © robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo
The British Virgin Islands are a tropical paradise and a travel destination steeped in glitz and glamour. The cheapest way to get local flavour is to try the local cuisine at some of the best restaurants in the main city of Road Town on Tortola.
Road Town in Tortola is known for its laid-back pace of life | © / Alamy Stock Photo

Sugar Mill Hotel & Restaurant

Tucked away in the jungle along the beautiful Apple Bay is the Sugar Mill Hotel & Restaurant. The verdant scenery overlooking the sea is the perfect background for couples and honeymooners. The restaurant lies inside a restored sugar mill, and the dappled shade from the surrounding trees gives this place its romantic magic.

The Sugar Mill Hotel & Restaurant overlooks the Apple Bay waterfront | © Danita Delimont / Alamy Stock Photo

Brandywine Estate Restaurant

Brandywine Estate Restaurant offers one of the more elegant dining experiences in the Caribbean. Patrons enjoy exquisite Mediterranean food at the beautiful Brandywine Estate as they look out over the breezy Sir Francis Drake Channel. Watch yachts sail by as you sip fine wine and tuck into their freshly caught lobster. Brandywine specialises in food from the sea and boasts a loyal clientele.

Dove Restaurant

Dove Restaurant features the one of the most extensive wine selections in the British Virgin Islands. Located in a historic house in the centre of Road Town, this restaurant and wine bar possesses an old-world charm reminiscent of the days when pirates and sugar merchants sailed between the islands.

Dove Restaurant is the place to go if you like a wide choice of wine | © CandyBox Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

Island Roots on Main Street

Located within the Old Custom House in Road Town, Island Roots is a casual restaurant tapping into the laid-back vibe of the British Virgin Islands. In addition to being a great place to stop for lunch, Island Roots has a staff of skilled baristas so that you can get your caffeine fix as well.

Captain Mulligan’s

Captain Mulligan’s is a fun and friendly restaurant and sports bar, and even has a mini-golf course for kids. Despite its child-friendly atmosphere, Captain Mulligan’s welcomes people of all ages. If mini-golf isn’t your thing, then perhaps a tall glass of rum is. Be careful though; if you stay at the bar here too long, you may end up walking like a peg-legged buccaneer.

Capriccio di Mare

Capriccio di Mare is conveniently located in central Road Town, serving your favourite bolognese, frutti di mare, risotto and linguine. If you’re craving Mediterranean cuisine, be sure to book a table at this cosy spot.

Go Italian at Capriccio di Mare | © Jordan Lye / Getty Images