The 10 Best Bars In Road Town, British Virgin Islands

Photo of Sam Grimes
9 February 2017

Situated on the south side of tropical Tortola, Road Town offers a variety of watering holes, and a short taxi ride opens up options throughout the tiny island. Here are 10 bars where you can get your grog like a pirate of the Caribbean.

Best bar burger in town | © Sharkey’s/Facebook page


Overlooking the picturesque Sir Francis Drake Channel, Sharkey’s is a favorite among regular travelers to the British Virgin Islands. Serving up traditional bar food but with a quality above the average pub, Sharkey’s is a short walk from the ferry dock.

Waterfront Drive, Road Town, Tortola +12844948140

Bomba Shack | © Betsy Saintsing/Pinterest

Bomba Shack

The full moon parties at the Bomba Shack in Apple Bay are legendary. Rumor has it that in the past the ‘mushroom tea’ was spiked with psychedelics, and the story continues to bring crowds to the beach on the night of every full moon. Don’t be too disappointed if the tea turns out to be ordinary rooibos!

Apple Bay Beach, Tortola +12844954148

Pusser’s Road Town Pub

A local favorite, Pusser’s is a regular stop for day charter boat customers. The vibe is salty, but the place still preserves its reputation as an upscale destination. Across from the ferry dock, Pusser’s location cannot be beat for convenience. Escape the beating tropical sun and sip down rum cocktails during the hottest part of the day, and then if the drinks are flowing, stick around into the evening and night.

Main Street, Across from the Ferry Dock, Road Town, Tortola +12844943897

Rugby World Cup in The Watering Hole | © The Watering Hole/Facebook

The Watering Hole

The Watering Hole’s laid-back vibe exemplifies the island time of the Virgin Islands. Sit back and relax while you unwind over the light and healthy food of this cozy watering hole in the center of Road Town.

Wickham’s Cay, Road Town, Tortola +12843465950

Callwood Distillery | ©

Callwood Distillery

The recently restored old rum distillery in splendid Cane Garden Bay offers tours and serves up its homemade rum. Full of old-world charm, it is the only distillery of its kind in the British Virgin Islands. Visitors come for the tour but stay for the rum. Make sure to book a tour in advance.

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola +12844959383

Quito’s live reggae music | © Casey Brindley/Facebook


Just down the beach from the Callwood Distillery in Cane Garden Bay is Quito’s. For the daytime visitor, Quito’s offers a bar with lounge chairs on the beach and regular live reggae performances. At night, the hotel guests make their way to the bar for the impromptu dance party that happens nightly during the tourism season. The owner, Quito, is a friendly Rastafarian and talented musician.

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola +12844954837

The Pub

Overlooking the marina in Road Town is The Pub. As its name suggests, the food served here is traditional pub food and is reasonably priced, a rare find in Tortola. Pop into the shaded bar and enjoy a drink while you look over Road Town marina with views of Norman Cay.

Waterfront Drive, Road Town, Tortola +12844942608

Rasta Jerry Coconut & Rum | © Paul Daniel/Getty Images

Rastaman Jerry Coconut and Rum

Walking along Cane Garden Bay all day everyday is Jerry, a Rastafarian with dreadlocks piled upon his head, pulling a cart of coconuts and rum on ice. Flag him down and he will take his machete, skillfully cut the top off a coconut and pour iced rum inside. Nothing says paradise more than glugging a rum cocktail out of a fresh coconut and staring out at the sea on a sun-soaked beach.

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

The Willy T | © Michelle Wallace/Pinterest

The Willy T

The Willy T is the British Virgin Islands most unique bar. The restored William Thornton is a sailing ketch, moored just off Norman Cay. It is only accessible by boat, but a short ferry ride from Road Town to Norman Cay solves that problem. No visit to the British Virgin Islands is complete without swilling rum on a floating pirate ship. And no visit to the Willy T is complete without taking one giant shot with friends and then jumping off the bow into the clear Caribbean water.

Norman Cay VHF Channels 17/76 +12843408603t

Bar1864 Wine Bar | © Bar1864

Bar 1864

Named after its geographic coordinate (18 degrees north, 64 degrees west), Bar 1864 is Tortola’s hippest establishment. Tables are likely to fill, so be sure to book a reservation if you plan on visiting in the holiday season. Bar 1864 has a bright future in this sunny paradise.

67 Main Street, Road Town, Tortola +12845419977