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<a href = ""> Marketplace Jewellery | © meineresterampe/Pixabay
<a href = ""> Marketplace Jewellery | © meineresterampe/Pixabay
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10 of the Best Markets In The Dominican Republic

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Updated: 2 June 2017
The markets in the Dominican Republic are a great place to find a wide variety of jewellery, groceries, gifts, souvenirs, and much more—all for a very reasonable price. When shopping at these marketplaces, make sure to bargain and barter prices as most vendors will be willing to negotiate in order to make the sale.
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Mercado Modelo (Santo Domingo)

Located in downtown Santo Domingo, The Mercado Modelo is the largest craft market in the capital. Food stalls that cater to the local shoppers surround the market, and it continues to be one of the most-popular local marketplaces in the country. Today, vendors tailor a majority of the items and prices to visitors, making it a great place for tourists to visit. Some items there include craft-country paintings, Dominican and Cuban cigars, liquors, keepsakes, jewelry, and much more.

Mercado Modelo, Av. Mella, Santo Domingo 10211, Dominican Republic, +1 754-210-3313

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Mercado Modelo (Santiago de los Caballeros)

Known for being safe and clean and located in the heart of downtown, this market offers a lot of jewelry. Visitors will find quality items here including cultural items such as religious souvenirs, cups, plates, frames, key chains, and more.

Mercado Modelo, Calle Del Sol, Santiago De Los Caballeros 51000, Dominican Republic

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Cabarete Night Market (Cabarete)

This market in Cabarete sells their product in a relaxed and fun atmosphere every Sunday from 4-10 pm. Here, patrons can buy locally-handcrafted products such as artwork, clothing, and jewelry as well as lotions, potions, candles, and food. One of the best food items to try is the Honey Company’s “pinon”, which is a favorite among market visitors.

Cabarete, Puerto Plata Province, Dominican Republic

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Bavaro Beach Flea Market

The Bavaro Beach Flea Market is one of the most-traditional Dominican markets in Punta Cana. At this market, visitors can find stalls that sell many different types of souvenirs such as magnets, masks, and much more. Its location on one of the country’s most popular beaches makes it very convenient for tourists.

Punta Cana, La Altagracia Province, Dominican Republic

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Catuano Beach Flea Market

Another flea market located on a Dominican beach, visitors can find much of the common souvenir items sold at marketplaces from ceramic figurines and bracelets to boxes of Taino art. Some people who visit this marketplace in Bayahibe say it’s quite similar to Cortecito Square.

Bayahibe, La Altagracia Province, Dominican Republic

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Pulga de Antiguedades in Plaza María de Toledo

Found in Santo Domingo, sales at this flea market take place every Sunday. Here, shoppers can find hundreds of vendors that sell goods that tailor both the day-to-day needs of Dominicans and souvenirs aimed at tourists. Craft and souvenir items range from extremely affordable to high-quality works by local artisans. Given the high volume of customers, items will usually be very overpriced. Be prepared to bargain or pay well overvalue.

Calle Maria de Toledo, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic

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Avenida Duarte Chinese Farmer’s Market

Avenida Duarte is one of only three Chinatown’s in the Caribbean. Located in the middle of Santo Domingo, visitors have the opportunity to buy authentic Chinese foods and commodities as well as enjoy a range of restaurants, jewellery stores, and even travel agencies.

Avenida Duarte, Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Province, Dominican Republic

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Calle El Conde

Calle El Conde is part of the colonial section of Santo Domingo. Filled with shops and hotels and well decorated with flowers, visitors can walk through the historical district of the city while purchasing some local gifts.

Calle El Conde, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Merca Santo Domingo

This food market provides an excellent place to buy a wide range of fresh meats and fish. Here, shoppers can get a wide variety of produce such as bananas, pineapples, and bell peppers as well as fresh seafood and poultry. Here, they also sell a large array of seasonings, perfect for those looking to do some cooking of their own.

Merca Santo Domingo, La Guayiga, Dominican Republic, +1 829-541-6464 ext. 288

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La Atarazana

Tailored towards visitors who are not interested in consumer goods or groceries, La Atarazan has a very high concentration of art galleries and jewellery stores compared to other locations. It also has a large number of nearby restaurants and cafés where visitors can stop and eat.

La Atarazana, Zona Colonial, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic